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Example sentences for neutron star

It is later found to be a neutron star-a tiny, extremely dense star.
It could be a rapidly rotating, extremely dense neutron star called a pulsar.
When a star explodes, all that remains is a dense object known as a neutron star.
The decaying, oscillating tail that follows the spike displays many tens of cycles at the neutron star spin rate.
The change from spherical to cubic neutrons should have a big influence on the behaviour a neutron star.
Perhaps they might be relevant in a neutron star, if electrons weren't already excluded.
The crystal the team compiled is believed to be structurally similar to the outer crust of a neutron star.
But if anything it would confirm the basic picture of a pulsar as a spinning neutron star whose pulses are generated magnetically.
See, the magnetic field is coupled to the crust of the neutron star.
Short gamma-ray bursts are thought to be the result of neutron star collisions.
The results of such collisions could be anything from supernova equivalent yielding a neutron star to relatively mild events.
Maybe the molecular cloud that yielded our solar system was heavily irradiated by a rotating neutron star.
However, when the core of the star collapsed, it formed a fantastically dense neutron star.
The neutrinos carry off the binding energy of the proto-neutron star.
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