neurology in a sentence

Example sentences for neurology

New findings in neurology always seem to come with the caveat that there are subtleties that need to be explained.
The neurology fellow steps in, flexing my hands and asking me to stick out my tongue.
The physiology and neurology of the human body is what it is.
But advances in neurology, and especially in pharmacology, have called such therapy into question.
Discusses developments in the field of neurology over the past thirty years.
We've already called in the neurology and infectious disease consults.
As is by now well known, psychiatry and neurology edged toward a permanent intimacy.
Moreover, doubts are fueled by ample evidence from clinical neurology.
It is and always has been, in the neurology section.
In the jargon of neurology, she was judged to be in a persistent vegetative state.
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