neural network in a sentence

Example sentences for neural network

The neural network technique are not capable of learning from nothing which brings up initialized database.
Eight electronic eyes, hooked to a neural network computer, set the arms in motion when they sense changes in the environment.
Each cell expresses a different color, allowing researchers to trace connections in the fish's neural network.
If that works, he could attempt a simple programmable neural network.
Intelligent flight, as he calls his software, is governed by a neural network inspired by studies of the brain.
The robots were controlled by a program with a neural network architecture.
The true difficulty is the definition and built of the interfaces between the neural network and the outside world.
One neural network supervises the machine learning and the other steers that learning.
They use a neural network to simulate the potential energy surface that exists throughout graphite sheets as they are flexed.
Finally, a neural network correlates combinations of these measurable units to actual expressions.
The result is a neural network of remarkable complexity.
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