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Example sentences for networking

Social networking will become a ubiquitous feature of online life.
Unplug the network cable and disable any wireless networking.
All the efforts to combine social networking with energy conservation seem to be pulling the plug.
Those differences make networking more important, both for the employer and for the prospective employee.
Firms in other technology markets, such as networking and telecoms, might yet be drawn in.
Prior to the eruption, there's little evidence that humans engaged in long-distance networking.
Students from low-income families are finding ways to go online and engage in social networking.
Everything is in place for location-based social networking to be the next big thing.
With a remarkable array of communication skills, weaver ants may have perfected social networking.
Cement plus heavy-duty networking equals big profits.
Forum for networking and discussing sustainable ecotourism and adventure travel.
Phones that integrate closely with social networking sites have been a huge trend with handset makers in the last two years.
They may view that sort of networking as something only done by corporate types.
Many also prefer not to prolong their working day by networking after hours.
Start networking with academic advisors in your area.
Twitter is, however, still a good social networking site.
Come up with a protocol for inter-machine communication and networking and start hooking the machines together.
One of the many things that academics need to do but are seldom trained for in graduate school is networking.
The social networking service hasn't exactly been free from criticism over the choices it has made with regard to user privacy.
They did so willingly to expand towards the leading edge of information and networking.
The evil popular thing this time around is social networking.
Networking is the art of making and utilizing contacts.
They are the way the world is networking and communicating.
In the old days, business networking happened after hours over a highball or two.
Turns out your bosses don't want you updating your social networking page at the office.
The newest world of business networking is not the golf course, the power breakfast or the alumni reunion.
Any look at how kids have adapted to social networking and technology will tell you that gaming isn't an impediment to learning.
It's spam mail, people, not social-networking-based viral video.
The logic of online social networking points in a similar direction.
The rise of social networking upends the equation again.
Improved demand for business products lifted results for the maker of computer networking equipment.
The social-networking giant is poised to file for an initial public offering as early as this week.
The networking company uses the cash it generates to fund expansion.
To veterans of the technology industry, the fuss over social networking sounds all too familiar.
Cisco, the world's largest maker of data-networking gear, has started to sell servers.
In other words, recruitment firms are hoping to capitalise on the popularity of social networking.
One place where the level of public unease can be measured is on social-networking sites.
Armies can also tap wireless-networking gear mounted on drones and balloons to keep soldiers connected in the field.
But it's moving closer to reality, thanks to delay-tolerant networking technologies for communicating across vast distances.
Yet one social networking metric is distinctly underwhelming: the one with a dollar sign.
All this week we'll be featuring papers about everyone's favorite social networking site.
One challenge to optical networking is how to switch light signals.
Programmers struggle to adjust to changes at the social-networking website.
In the corporate and academic worlds, conferences and networking events are necessary.
Twine also uses elements of social networking so that a user has access to information collected by others in her network.
Urges parents and kids to talk about the risks involved in using social networking sites and offers tips for using sites safely.
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