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For centuries, researchers have known that clouds of neutral particles can sometimes gain a net charge.
After figuring your business income and expenses, you are ready to figure the net profit or net loss from your business.
Their commitment to openness and consensus has made the net what it is.
Net metering holds the potential to drastically reduce or eliminate electrical utility bills.
On the net is a plastic funnel, attached to a specimen cup, and a float.
My mom's apartment is worth less than that though and her net worth is several times mine at the moment.
Any country that had net imports lost gold to countries with net exports, and that angered politicians.
The net result is there is more atmosphere at the equator than at the poles.
But again, as with other kinds of free trade, the net benefits will be significant.
Net neutrality attempts to fix a price for a good that would otherwise rise a fall with a market.
He'd collect the blind river fish with a net and put them in the plastic dish in the foreground.
Cast the net widely for teaching jobs, see what offers come through, and go from there.
Quite how wide a net the new law will cast is not clear.
But these provisions still do not cast a wide enough net.
When you look at how the mortality rates plummet with the simple act of giving out a net.
The bulk of its net foreign-currency receipts now comes from capital inflows, not the current-account surplus.
It's not every day that a living fossil shows up in a fisherman's net.
These predators are usually raised in the open ocean, in net pens.
It was an illegal net belonging to poachers who had set it for turtles.
For example, one whale is responsible for blowing the bubbles to trap the fish, which will not travel through the net of bubbles.
Net internal migration: the difference between in-migration and out-migration.
Using a butterfly net, go out and collect some insects.
The net, or snare, into which he is destined to fall.
It serves to support capillary vessels, arranged so as to form a net-work with elongated meshes.
Students were also asked about their opinions of net-price calculators.
He presses a remote-control button, and a spring-loaded net arcs over the owl.
And since that time, the idea that recessions are a net-positive for health has only grown.
He always worked without a net, believing that preparing for disaster only made one more likely to occur.
And if you continue to look on the net you will find that they also raise other creatures too.
Exports have kept growing this year-but so have imports, so net trade has not contributed much to growth.
What a country's current account measures is the net amount of resources foreigners are investing in the country.
Some see surging caseloads as evidence that the safety net is working.
Indeed, he could not even have known that the ball would improbably find the back of the net.
What is certain is that the world needs and wants energy and having that energy is a net benefit to humanity.
But operating without the safety net-and constraints-of a network hasn't only meant a different promotional experience.
They'll add maybe a few hundred thousands net jobs over the next few years.
Even the totalitarian ruler needs a power basis, the secret police and its net of informers.
The nation has a strong social welfare safety net, for which it pays with high taxes.
If you want access to the government safety net, you have to follow them.
Any challenge to a property's routine maintenance thus becomes a threat to self-worth, net worth, and an entire way of life.
They note that protections would be in place to make sure these services weren't used to get around net neutrality laws.
Other net hunters traditionally smoked or dried their catch and stored it for leaner times.
She can type on a virtual keyboard, surf the net and even write email.
The pilot directs the boats' crews as they deploy a purse seine, a gigantic net.
Bouncing around gives the proton a net angular momentum.
Going to the net is critical for serve and volley players.
Net metering programs serve as an important incentive for consumer investment in on-site renewable energy generation.
Each utility shall make available upon request net metering service to any electric consumer that the electric utility serves.

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