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The boxes are designed to be nesting sites for solitary bees.
Another possibility is one my dad used successfully in our first house, when birds kept nesting right above our door.
Oil has also washed up on a nearby island that seabirds and turtles use as a nesting ground.
Perhaps they followed settlers who suppressed fire, allowing trees to grow and providing nesting pockets.
Another scientist found a nesting ptarmigan so tame it could be picked up and held.
Crews discovered that cellphone towers provide an ideal nesting environment for ospreys, a hunting bird common in these parts.
Don't hesitate to green bag and throw out bedding and clothing that show even the remotest signs of nesting.
Such aggressive cultivation can harm pollinators by, among other things, eliminating nesting sites.
Including seeing wild-turkeys, grouse, and other ground-nesting birds again.
Hummingbird feeders, nesting boxes, birdbaths and bird feeding tables are completely alien concepts to the average homeowner.
They avoid deep waters, preferring coastlines where sponges are abundant and sandy nesting sites are within reach.
Sea turtles can't find nesting beaches anymore because they all have condos on them.
Sea turtles need dark beaches for nesting and won't approach bright lights.
Martins helps create a nesting habitat that will attract the big bees and allow pollinators and crops to flourish again.
Artificial nesting platforms are common in areas where preservationists are working to reestablish the birds.
While they often catch prey in midair, those nesting in large trees in lowland areas search for prey on the ground.
These social birds remain in flocks year-round, except while nesting.
The ideal riverbank is crumbly enough for the birds to excavate a nesting burrow with their beaks.
The birds typically choose large, older trees for nesting and usually inhabit a tree hole.
Some species travel huge distances, migrating across oceans between their feeding and nesting grounds.
Waved albatrosses, endemic to the island, were nesting along the path.
Two nesting characteristics, however, are common to all owls.
Effect of predator reduction on waterfowl nesting success.
The attempt to initiate early nesting by water management was inconclusive.
Occupied nesting territories- number of territories with evidence of a nesting pair of eagles.

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The snow far off on the pine nesting into the needles like addicts into their fix. The mailbox as stiff as ... more
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