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Example sentences for nested

Its reactor is composed of a series of clear tubes, each with another opaque tube nested inside.
Its reactor is composed of a series of clear tubes, each with a second, opaque tube nested inside.
Some of these will be multiple, nested or in some other way complex.
The only thing worse than creating such a nested hierarchy of folders, or directories, is not creating it.
There are nested revelations about the way the city works that you have to learn before you understand what you're seeing later.
It consists of nested, hierarchical groups that get more and more narrow as you go down the taxonomic chain.
Vaux's swifts originally roosted and nested not in chimneys but in the hollow trunks and branches of old or dead trees.
There were many burrowing owls that nested in the prairie dog holes.
We shoo them away every time they settle, and thankfully they haven't nested.
They seem to have nested under the closet downstairs.
It appears that after a certain threshold of nested replies, the reply option goes away.
And yet this strange migratory bird nested within our republic has flourished here.
And those sentences, in turn, are nested within larger schema that-in a lesser writer's hands-might be called paragraphs.
And organizational requirements imposed a nested, overarching system for the placement of names.
In any case, it appears deeply nested within the clade.
Instead, you want the software nested in a decision-making process.
He may bring you the tender deviled-egg amuse-bouche, served in a hen-shaped egg cup and nested in a tiny bed of mesclun.
Nested at the base of the ski hill, this hotel offers a full-service spa, and indoor pool and a hot tub.
Many of the beaches where turtles once nested are now lined with hotels and resorts.
You'd need to show that there's a hierarchy of nested groups for that to work.
Instead, of sleeping on their usual platforms, they nested near her.
At that point the stages were nested together but not physical connected.
Planets do not share such a nested set of relationships.
Then she settled down and nested and laid her rainbow of eggs in the broody pen, and lo, colorful chicks emerged.
But the condition of the terrain last weekend looked as if a pack of snowboarders had nested.
Statins and the risk of pneumonia: a population-based, nested case-control study.
Lindy put a little hay in the tool tray on the hose-reel, and for the next few days the pigeon nested there.
Where pigeons nested and roosted, hundreds of people converged on the site, which was not entirely a safe thing to do.

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