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Example sentences for nervously

We remove our shoes, roll up our trousers and nervously wade knee-deep in the toxic stream.
We returned to the bridge, somewhat nervously because of the rebel activity, but the elephants had not been informed.
The two cubs peered down nervously from their perch.
All the while, the zoo's four chimps listened nervously, rocking back and forth and shaking the bars of the pen down the hall.
While marching confidently forward into a better future, it was constantly glancing nervously over its left shoulder.
He watched carefully for any sign of someone behaving nervously, or erratically.
Some dealers will look nervously toward the credit markets.
Government officials are nervously stepping around the political minefield.
Investors will now nervously await the announcement of a new boss.
Nervously removing it, he popped out the battery to check if it was part of the recall.
Others bent over long work tables, nervously varnishing canvases so they would be ready for the opening the next day.
Miller was unable to provide any personal identification and was acting nervously, according to the officer.
He laughed nervously and threw the card onto some papers on his desk.
The engineers watched nervously to see if the dams would hold.
On the other side, a herd of pronghorn moves nervously.
Handsome vanishes into the shadows, fiddling nervously with the tails of his tuxedo.
As the pickup neared the trap site, the research biologist could see a small, tawny canine moving nervously inside the cage.
He fingered the straps of his overalls, nervously picking at the metal hooks.
We watched, admittedly a bit nervously, as a couple of groups made the ascent before us.
Egrets and ibis came and went nervously, and songbirds with no other trees to land on filled the branches of this last tree.

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