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Scientists still don't understand what purpose the nerve cell activity serves so early in development.
Shortly after that, the cells started to produce nerve cell-coating myelin.
The relevant nerve cell is selected by specially designed software and is cut by the laser.
Its researchers have turned them into a type of cell that produces the insulating sheath around a nerve cell.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical that carries messages from nerve cell to nerve cell or other tissues.
Conversely, when humans are subjected to high pressure, nerve cell membranes probably don't leak enough.
The brain is continually trying to strike a balance between too much and too little nerve cell activity.
Each nerve cell in the nose can sense more than one odor, but picks up the smell to a different degree.
The synapse is the gap between those nerve cells and what one's nerve cell does to another is release signaling compounds.
Damage to the covering of the nerve cell causes nerve signals to slow down.
There may be damage to the axon part of the nerve cell, which interferes with nerve signals.
The transfer of a message from the axon of one nerve cell to the dendrites of another is known as neurotransmission.
Chemical messengers transmit information from nerve cell to nerve cell in the body and the brain.
Since the nervous tissue is stationary, the virus moves slowly as it jumps from nerve cell to nerve cell on its way to the brain.
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