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Radial nerve dysfunction is a problem with the radial nerve.
Evidence of a circadian rhythm for muscle sympathetic nerve activity in humans.
To identify which kind of nerve was connected to the bumps, she injected a dye into the nerve itself.
He touched some fundamental nerve that still vibrates.
The implants are electronic devices inserted into the inner ear of deaf people to stimulate the auditory nerve.
Physical movement begins as electrical impulses generated by the activity of thousands of nerve cells.
Smaller fingers mean closer nerve endings and the ability to resolve finer detail.
The nerve bundles, which are presumed to be light-sensitive, transmit the optical information to the rest of the nervous system.
For years, scientists believed that damaged nerve tissue could not be repaired because neurons are incapable of regeneration.
These are quite effective in reducing the prion levels of cultured nerve cells.
Those are the fingers that are innervated-their sensation is supplied-by the ulnar nerve.
It takes nerve to openly reject something that is important to family and friends.
The dermis includes collagen, elastin, and nerve endings.
If anything strikes a nerve it is because it makes one question their comfort zone.
The plaques are globs of rogue protein in the spaces between nerve cells.
Meeting a star is a little nerve wracking at the best of times.
It would be the ultimate computing machine if it were built with silicon instead of human nerve cells.
The fish's remarkably well-preserved soft tissues include bundles of muscle cells, blood vessels, and nerve cells.
Nerve cells firing simultaneously create powerful waves in the field, which in turn cause other neurons to spark.
Nerve injuries are caused by decreased blood flow and high blood sugar levels.
The nerve cells themselves will not be replaced, so even in principle such treatment could not help everyone with a spinal injury.
Sufferers lack an enzyme needed to break down fatty substances in the brain and nerve cells.
Pigeons are more sensitive to nerve and chemical agents than humans.
After a vagus nerve stimulator has been implanted, it is difficult to remove completely.
The only protein known to behave this way in animals is found in the outer membranes of certain nerve cells.
Most nerve cells use messenger chemicals to communicate.
The first one left him temporarily unable to walk and with optic nerve damage.
Networks of human nerve cells are seen in an artist's rendering.
He developed his rabies vaccine by growing the virus in rabbits, then drying the affected nerve tissue to weaken the virus.
To perform nerve conduction studies, surface electrodes are first fastened to the hand and wrist.
Serotonin is one of the messenger molecules that carry signals between nerve cells in the brain.
We hear when the cochlea, in the inner ear, stimulates the auditory nerve.
It is caused by injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve.
The hotel is also where some of those nerve ends met their ends.
Paralysis or weakness of a vocal cord can occur when the nerve that supplies it is damaged.
But the point is that novelty-seeking is controlled by nerve cells that respond to dopamine.
The constant activity of nerve cells in the brain requires an ongoing supply of chemical energy.
In other words, they inactivate a protein found in the nerve cells that control muscle movement.
In this way impulses to and from nerve cells that control muscle action are put in proper balance.
Nerve endings in the extremities go numb or tingle as if pricked by thousands of needles.
Stress hormones may affect memory by strengthening or weakening the connections between nerve cells in the brain.
Some papers even had the nerve to refuse delivery to distant suburbs.
Blood racing through a brain region's web of vessels is a sign that nerve cells in that locale have kicked into action.
Normally when sound enters the ear, acoustic information is relayed from the ear to the brain via nerve cells, called neurons.
Such resiliency in internal timing is not seen in more complex single-celled organisms, nor in mammalian nerve cells.
In this month's column, we'll discuss some strategies for that nerve-racking problem.
Ultimately, editing turns out to be even more nerve-racking than recording.
It was certainly an honor, if a nerve-wracking one, for the five chosen students.
While she posed, the petals in her bouquet trembled, as if getting married took all the nerve she could gather.
He evinces a blind spot for painting, with inert geometric canvases, but never a failure of nerve.
His eye was torn open and the optical nerve laid bare.
Promiscuity, on the other hand, demands a certain amount of nerve.
Given that all these groups push various political agendas, it is fair to ask why embedding has struck a raw nerve.
Propranolol may block these actions on a cluster of nerve cells deep inside the brain.
It was an entirely normal twinge, something that happens when nerve endings are healing.
Down to his nerve endings, he probably feels that he would have handled it better.
Cocaine dampens the excitation of nerve endings and the transmission of information along nervous pathways.
Both work by stimulating nerve cells via an implanted electrode.
But this approach only works in those with enough remaining nerve capacity, and it provides a limited level of control.
Some animal venoms can destroy nerve cells, and these are termed neurotoxins.
The nerve's resulting electrical activity is recorded by the other electrodes.
The ulnar nerve is near the surface of the body where it crosses the elbow, so long-term pressure on the elbow may cause damage.
The tibial nerve is often injured by pressure from a ligament on the inner part of the ankle.
Injury or disease of structures near the knee may also damage the tibial nerve.
Peripheral neuropathy may be damage to a single nerve.
There may be changes in the optic nerve, including swelling or scarring of the nerve, or paleness and atrophy of the optic disc.
The pain of trigeminal neuralgia comes from the trigeminal nerve.
The destruction of the myelin sheath that covers nerve cells prevents signals from being properly transmitted in the nerve.
Abnormal results mean there may be damage to the nerve of the inner ear.
Increased pain or numbness during this test is usually a sign of pressure on a nerve in your neck.
Occasionally, the nerve tissue may re-grow and form another neuroma.
Permanent nerve injury and loss of muscle function can result if the diagnosis is delayed.
The doctor will look at your arms and legs and measure muscle size to try to determine which nerve or nerves are affected.
These waves are then converted by the cochlea into electrical signals, which are sent along the auditory nerve to the brain.
Nerve cells use a brain chemical called dopamine to help control muscle movement.
Parkinson's disease occurs when the nerve cells in the brain that make dopamine are slowly destroyed.
The nerve rests in a groove called the cubital tunnel tucked behind the bony point on the elbow.
Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that the nerve endings in question are extremely small.
Additionally, nerve endings are stimulated, leading to the sensation of itching.
Ultimately, the nerve ending stimulation leads to activation of a reflex inside the brain.
New research shows that the answer may lie in serotonin, a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger produced by nerve cells.
But a past study on animals did find that ethanol protected against nerve damage.
When the command signal arrives, the nerve terminal releases a minute puff of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.
The standard method of doing this research replaces slugs with a lab dish containing the animals' nerve cells.
From a cellular perspective, learning takes place when the connections between nerve cells are strengthened.
Antidepressants work for many types of pain and nerve damage.
The drug had previously been approved for use in treating the nerve pain of shingles.
Whether such a system would work for patients with longstanding nerve damage is unknown.
Implanted in a patient's muscle, the devices could relay information on local nerve activity via radio to an external computer.
They have a heightened risk for kidney failure, heart and eye problems, and nerve disease.
It acts to control and suppress bodily fear responses, and sends nerve projections into the amygdala that shut it down.
The idea that surgically straightening crooked veins could somehow benefit a degenerative nerve problem was astounding.
Consciousness requires a sophisticated network of highly interconnected components, nerve cells.
The area of attachment of a cranial nerve to the surface of the brain is termed its superficial or apparent origin.
In all cases they end by forming synapses around other nerve cells.
The optic stalk is converted into the optic nerve by the obliteration of its cavity and the growth of nerve fibers into it.
About the end of the fourth week nerve fibers begin to appear in the marginal layer.
Trying to predict the future and determine what clothing you might need on your trip can be downright nerve-racking.
The device stimulates the retina's remaining healthy cells, causing them to relay the data to the optic nerve.
When nerve cells were exposed to it at close range, for example, they heated up and died.
Nerve cells have a huge demand for energy, so a failure of the mitochondria would certainly affect them.
Today's devices, which are routinely implanted, can stimulate the auditory nerve across a broad range of frequencies.
The role of the electrodes was to detect how often particular nerve cells fired electrical jolts known as action potentials.
In other words, they are encoded in the way that the nerve cells which make up the brain are connected to one another.
But higher commodity prices may tip the balance of risks, causing policymakers to lose their nerve.
Pain is another nerve-related symptom susceptible to treatment by placebo.
Several of them take part in strengthening the connections between nerve cells, which is the underlying basis of learning.
Its researchers have turned them into a type of cell that produces the insulating sheath around a nerve cell.
The nerve-racking ride that ensued foreshadowed his current wild adventure.
One way genes affect behaviour is through the agency of neurotransmitters, the chemicals that carry messages between nerve cells.
The story spread around the world, no doubt because it touches a universal nerve.
In patients with glaucoma, fluid builds up within the eye and puts pressure on the optic nerve.
The researchers created a molecule that binds preferentially to nerve cells, and labelled it with a fluorescent tag.
In vertebrates this protein is found in retinal cells, where it transduces the energy of light into a nerve signal to the brain.
The reason may be that capsaicin excites the trigeminal nerve, increasing the body's receptiveness to the flavour of other foods.
Often mistaken for a nerve by freshman medical students, the muscle was useful to other primates for grasping with their feet.
The toxin does its deadly work by attaching itself permanently to nerve endings.
Those molecules then latched onto olfactory receptors located on nerve endings in their nostrils.
It has more tactile nerve endings than any part of the body other than the lips.
The electrodes stimulate the neurons in the retina, which send secondary signals down the optic nerve to the brain.
Every bud is sensitive to multiple flavors, which are encoded by different nerve-firing patterns.
If you activate a tactile nerve in the skin, the brain will register the stimulation as touch.
As long as he keeps pushing, it will be a while before any of the resident males works up the nerve to confront him.
It has brains and pacing and nerve and heart, and it is uncommonly endearing.
Each time you exhale, your brain sends a signal down the vagus nerve to slow the cardiac muscle.
Curiously, many entrepreneurial leaders actually lose their nerve as they become successful.
It may be a nerve disorder known as neuropathy, triggered by diseases as diverse as cancer and diabetes.
The vagus nerve flashed signals to the stomach, which began to secrete digestive acids.
They struck at our military and economic nerve centers.
To do that, researchers will need a better understanding of the molecular factors that drive nerve cells to lose their function.
If you trust your nerve as well as your skill, you're capable of a lot more than you imagine.
But on the other hand, it was absolutely nerve-wracking.

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