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Example sentences for nerd

They are the refuge and the delight of every geek, nerd, lab and library rat.
It doesn't even have anything to do with whether you're a bookworm or a nerd or a geek.
He likes to call himself “one tough nerd”.
It was probably the most pivotal day of my life—saved me from being a terminal nerd.
Everyone has an inner nerd.
But a lot of athletes may be harboring an inner nerd.
Embracing your inner nerd (or geek) has always been a struggle in life.
Like all of us, I was a nerd in college and worked ridiculously hard, but this group of students makes me look like a slouch.
My personality changed a lot from a boring nerd to an energetic, funny and athletic kid.
It was so cool to a nerd such as myself.
But his schoolmates branded him a nerd.
He was kind of a computer nerd.
There are little science and music nerd-friendly gems in many of the apps and song structures.
She is also a student of life, exuberant nerd, and musician.
All pre-teens have their idols, but growing up an emerging nerd, my fixation was typically out of step with my peers.
These are the places where a computer nerd doth not go.
He is a computer nerd, not a lawyer or writer: he has different problem frames and proposes different solutions.
So many book deals, in fact, that they seem to have forged a new literary genre: the celebrity nerd coming-of-age story.
Full disclosure: your correspondent is a huge computer nerd, and has been ever since he was in short trousers.
It suddenly seems to me that going from chess-player to economist isn't exactly nerd redemption.
In high school, the cartoonist was a nerd who could not get a date.
We could even been kindred nerd spirits or bitter nerd enemies nerd-raging at each other.
He wrote a book on how being a nerd can make your life better.
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