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Example sentences for nepotism

Like most of my peers, I got here through a combination of nepotism and a very careful selection of college organizations.
The world of nepotism is ugly and dark, I know.
I'm a big fan of nepotism.
Some states, like mine, have anti-nepotism laws.
The pilots don't deny nepotism plays a role in who joins their ranks.
In my opinion spousal hires are plain old nepotism.
Neither wanted the stigma of nepotism hanging over them, and Graham sought to establish his own identity.
People in the region are fed up with corruption, embezzlement, nepotism and unemployment.
Accusations of nepotism, cronyism, and fraud spur calls for restructuring.
Trying to track things down in the military is a nightmare-poor record keeping, nepotism abounds, etc.
It may well be defined in extreme cases as nepotism.
Corruption, nepotism and malfeasance in office was rampant.
For many public companies, such a move would be considered drastic for its blatant nepotism.
But no business is more defined by dynasties and nepotism than evangelical preaching.
The jury determined the nepotism policy was mere pretext, and the evidence supports this decision.

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All experience teaches that, whenever there is a great national establishment, employing large numbers of officials, the... more
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