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Example sentences for nephew

My nephew tried to be indiscreet about dating a student in a similar situation and it turned out to have horrible consequences.
The train blasts out a shrill whistle which my nephew imitates intermittently for the next couple of hours with piercing accuracy.
My nephew was in a serious accident caused by a driver running a red light.
She said she became worried about her nephew recently after he disappeared from contact.
Step-mom a lot younger than dad with nieces and nephew in the picture that will probably get my inheritance.
But a nephew of the sickly leader is also a nominee.
Travis' nephew removes trees by day but tinkers with all sorts of gadgets by night.
Family photos can go to family only, and a picture of my nephew playing bike polo can go to both.
My nephew is a physicist and another is a materials engineer.
But a nephew of the sickly leader is also among the approved nominees.
My nephew was always in his research room, night and day.
Although my nephew is without a job as yet he has told them to go away.
My nephew was amazingly bright, but totally listless after high school.
Although this is an undergraduate example, my nephew will be applying for college in the fall.
Believe or not my nephew, who was born into a household with two cats, learned to purr before he learned to talk.
He wanted to see his lawyer, he had decided to change his will in favor of his nephew.
The song snippets may work only on that old phone you gave away to your nephew.
My nephew said there wasn't, and his friend said there was.
She handed him a piece of paper with her nephew's phone number.

Famous quotes containing the word nephew

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