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Neo magnets are more eff too but not by much in larger sizes.
Consequently their positions become neo-religious in nature.
As long as you agree with their particular brand of neo-anarchist politics, everything is fine though.
And for an encore seems to have no grasp whatsoever of modern geologies acceptance of neo-catastrophism.
The article itself borders on the manufactured, ethical, neo-journalistic style of our day.
However expecting our food production system to shift back to a neo-colonial system is folly.
Perhaps we'll see a wave of neo-colonial taverns staffed by toothless barmaids in mobcaps, ladling drink out of firkins.
Maybe it was the calculated product of a neo-punk ethic that equates accessible pop music with evil.
One new possibility being offered is an improvement in the quality of neo-natal care.
But they are sceptical that the so-called neo-traditional community is the answer to these ills.
It had become expensive and clean and was taking on an ominous neo-Soviet flush.
It is my friend's fortune that they are a dying breed, replaced by the neo-cafoni of today.
Everything, in short, that is denied by the tyranny of the neo.

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