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Neither had worked with this particular group of students before either.
Neither demand was realistic: the way ahead is too uncertain.
No such thing exists, neither in the smallest known quanta, nor the visible universe.
It seems that the world has finally discovered that the traditional camera strap is neither comfortable nor practical.
Unfortunately, today such involvement is neither widespread nor growing.
They grew up as the leftovers of an unpopular war, straddling two worlds but belonging to neither.
The best picnic is the one at which neither kids nor grown-ups are exhausted from cooking and cleaning up.
In my view, neither approach is worthy of your attention or money yet, but it is an interesting push into new territory.
The welfare bill is neither as objectionable as its critics depict it nor as uncontroversial as its supporters would have it.
The fishing spider needs neither rod nor reel to lure in tadpoles, fish, or frogs.
But wolves neither behave nor misbehave-they try to survive wherever they happen to be.
Milk was not the initial idea for this property, and neither was cheese.
But neither capture the complexity of what my teaching and intellectual life entails.
The new research suggests neither theory has it exactly right.
But neither of these theories has been proved, and what is more, neither is complete.
They are neither chameleons nor dragons, but are a type of lizard called an agamid.
Neither program was included in the original job transition estimate.
The team found that their knock-out mice showed neither form of fear.
But neither he nor anyone else involved in the mission was taking success for granted.
But too much top-down interference into the marketplace makes trade neither free nor fair.
Although they were extremely intelligent, neither of the brothers graduated from high school.
In neither market have penetration rates yet exceeded a third of the population.
It's dustproof, so neither beach nor desert will damage it.
Neither you, nor anyone else has presented sufficient evidence to justify this expense.
He neither rose from poverty nor went off the deep end through drink or craziness.
It does not seem too concerned about authenticity, and neither do consumers.
Neither nuclear energy nor alternative sources such as wind and solar seem likely to meet the demand for electricity.
Neither did they find evidence consistent with the hypothesis that the animal had been born with this condition.
But neither is there any obvious sign of waning investor enthusiasm since then.
In fact, it is neither an underdeveloped melon nor the freakish product of a mad scientist.
Neither exchange has so far managed to dispel the doubts.
Neither side had a soldier killed by enemy fire despite all the shot and shell filling the air.
Denying lifesaving treatments to the poor and elderly would be neither ethical nor politically popular.
It would seem that they do not since neither have placentas.
And then, on closer examination, it will emerge that neither of these is an exact model either.
He neither loves nor hates the city but could not live as happily anywhere else, he told me over dinner, and intends to die there.
Under such conditions neither mothers nor fathers can maintain a single cultural norm for long.
Among both kids and adults, neither region nor gender made much difference.
After all, capital markets there are neither deep nor liquid enough to absorb them.
Nuclear power is neither affordable, safe or practical in solving our energy problems.
The case hinges on both legal contracts and programming codes, neither of them simple.
But neither existing theory has pinned down exactly where the materials would have come from.
But neither is big enough to explain why so much matter has survived.
Neither males nor females are monogamous, both mating with multiple members of the group.
Neither of these reasons explain why there is symmetry in a spiderweb.
Neither do many doctors, who warn that repeated exposure to radon may increase the risk of developing cancer.
Neither has the nature of their apparent link to lightning formation, about which many long-standing mysteries remain.
To have a good time no matter the age, neither the place, and nor the weather.
Neither of these new political alliances is at all likely to be able to form a government.
Nothing in the picture indicates place or time, though, and neither really matters to understanding the image.
But it is neither cautious nor transparent, qualities that investors are likely to prize in coming months.
Her father was a cabinetmaker who preferred to hunt for fossils, but neither occupation brought the family much money.
Neither tactic has yielded the all-important vascular network needed to sustain thicker tissues.
But neither group wants to do it while wrecking the atmosphere.
Neither proposal is new, and both are certain to be controversial.
Neither bill applies to privately-owned computers attached to the campus network in dorm rooms.
Neither of us is wedded to an image of himself at an elite, high-powered research university.
Shareholders neither need nor deserve any more privileges.
Maybe neither thing had anything to do with her book.
The specs themselves are neither shaming nor exciting.
Sorry, but this unfortunately this graphic is neither clever nor outstanding.
The biggest threat to personal computing is neither spam nor viruses.
There are neither the optical effects of varying focal lengths nor the full quality, since only part of the pixels have been used.
Both courses of action could unsettle the markets, and neither would be right.
Neither can traditional forms of genetic engineering.
Neither is there one in terms of a specific social science.
But then it changed its mind, saying that neither parliament nor the voters had had time to look at the small print.
Neither the patients nor the doctors knew which medication subjects took.
Sadly for me neither company offers one of these options today in a new vehicle.
Neither group responded differently to salty tastes.
Neither publication had details on device specifications or pricing.
Neither of his parents graduated from elementary school, and he was the first of seven siblings to attend college.
The two ironclads never fought again, and neither survived the year.
Neither funding agencies nor peer reviewers nor conference audiences will always agree.
Until the committee has hired someone, it means neither more nor less.
Neither stance resonates so well with the electorate today.
Neither heavy nor perfume-y, it gives the sorbet a delicate, aromatic sweetness.
For example, neither exotic plants entering our communities nor polluted air from industrial areas observe borders.
As such, neither the deceased nor their families consented to the use of the corpses in the exhibit.
But neither of those facts fully explains why it is one of the world's top climbing venues.
Fire does not respect gender, and neither do the trainers at rookie training camps.
Be sure to position the groups far enough away from each other so that neither group can hear what the other is discussing.
Neither of us imagined how our minds and lives would mingle-and be forever changed.
The first containers of life, they suggest, were themselves neither products nor producers of biochemistry.
Neither did she participate in the city's art scene.
Granted, neither had wide cinema coverage, but they were both good in their own ways.
The raisers learn how to teach their charges to climb stairs, come when called and to neither bark nor beg.
Neither party expected for the war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained.
Peace would be universal if there were neither thine nor mine.
Neither these nor the sea horses: running with the clocks of the moon.
In fact, it may almost be said that neither tried them.
The anonymity of the work embodied in our ancient cathedrals is a parallel to this, and neither fact is without its significance.
In neither of these does there appear to have been any attempt made at such a collection.
When a peasant gets rich he knows neither relations nor friends.
In general, the translators of the heyday were accurate neither in word nor in shape.
Economics is now defined neither by its subject matter nor by its method.
Poetry is not mainstream, but then neither is serious fiction, really.
In neither case is that enough for a proper atom bomb, but it is still worrying.
But neither the feudal order nor the king himself show much sign of yielding.
When neither fear materialised and stocks continued to climb, the price quickly subsided.
Coffee bushes must be grown in shade-neither too much, nor too little.
Slime moulds are unusual critters-neither animal, nor plant nor fungus.
Mutual funds have neither lockups nor fees of one-fifth of profits.
Antimatter cannot be the perfect opposite of matter, otherwise neither would exist at all.
Neither have they said how much of the money saved would go on tax cuts and how much on spending elsewhere.
And even if an agreement materialises, neither will trust the other.
But credit was neither available nor cheap last year.
Neither the volunteers nor the experimenters could say reliably which drug was being administered on which occasion.
Preaching aside, his key point is sound: neither right nor left has any longer a plausible story to tell about the state.
Study-abroad officials say neither practice influences the program recommendations they make to students.
However, neither the number of scientists awarded grants nor the quality of applications has declined.
It was insured, but neither of them thought they would be compensated for the painting's full worth.
The academic sort of is neither brilliant nor cosmic.
The match fixes neither distance nor size but only their ratio, as some fraction of a full circle.
Neither the patients nor their health care providers knew which group the researchers had placed them in.
Nothing--neither light nor information--is fleet enough to emerge from the hole's intense gravitational clutches.
And neither is making any bones about its commercial intentions.
In neither of the double-blind studies did patients receiving the experimental drug live longer than patients receiving placebo.
The study was designed so that neither patients nor care providers knew which group received probiotics.
Neither water nor methane contain nitrogen molecules.
In neither the left nor right eye image is there any recognizable contour or form-at all.
Neither proteins nor sugars have a characteristic smell of their own.
Neither is this the first inertial confinement experiment.
Although he can neither do nor teach, he regards himself as a player-coach.
But neither should the threat of schism be overstated.
He generally neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it.
To change the character of the government at this point is neither possible nor desirable.
How great it was to be neither he nor any one else could have imagined then.
Products and services that offer neither tend to fail.
Neither a somber nor mournful occasion, the national holiday is a celebration that typically takes place over a two-day period.
Loam is the golden mean between the two above, and has a texture that is neither too fine nor too coarse.
The result, a cross between a cookie and a cake, is neither too sweet nor too tart.
It is really neither well done nor rare, but a medium chop of hot, hearty juiciness.
Our family's vehicular fleet operates under a communist system in which neither car belongs to either of the two drivers.
In neither county, as you travel through, do you get the impression that wine is the livelihood and lifeblood of the countryside.
Neither a sheaf of wheat nor a head of cattle was to be found.
But neither was able to put the relationship to use.
Tribes and societies interested him because he grew up in a tribe, left it for a society, and belonged to neither.
The original menu had been retained, and the food was neither good nor bad.
Neither they, nor their then-absent guides were able to free the body.
Neither government, however, had done much to prepare its public for a breakthrough.
Both had been marked as gifted in school, but neither graduated from college.
The benefits of colonic hydrotherapy have been neither proved nor discredited scientifically.
He neither flinched nor faltered, and his repose and dignity would have done honor to a saint.
X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging are powerful tools in medicine, but neither tells doctors everything they want to know.
Neither side seemed to see the other's point of view.
He neither expected nor desired a graduate community.
Neither of the research groups found any evidence of interactions between genes at the two locations.
And neither has shown harmful side effects, such as an immune reaction to the foreign protein.
It is neither hypocrisy nor conspiracy, it is forward thinking.
Neither company has publicized which algorithms it is using.
Neither are medical in nature, but both can be helpful in certain situations.
Hybrids are neither more efficient nor less polluting.
Neither is it yet clear how quantum probability theory will help to mould new ideas about economics and broader human behaviour.
Neither technology is quite ready for the next generation of laptops, though.
Neither lab fails to investigate the technological landscape before identifying an opportunity.
Neither is a model anyone with a desire to preserve the fourth estate should strive to emulate.
However, there is neither experimental nor clinical evidence for this view, and considerable evidence against it.
He was neither shrewd nor lucky in the development of his literary career.
There is a family here, but it has neither cohesion nor the lack of it.
Similarly, they both have the same number of bodily parts, and neither has any more parts than the other.
Yet it is an obvious truth that many game-changing creations are neither beautiful nor benign.
He takes neither side in the war and detests ideology.
But the source of this new interest is probably neither the art school nor the museum.
He has lived according to his lights, he has never compromised, yet neither has he renounced his species.
Gray lived a life that was unusual in many ways, but it was neither shocking nor exemplary.
Surely neither of these celebrated historians needs a defender with bibliographical citations at hand.
If you remove one from the other, you're left with neither.
Neither in exile nor in the country itself is there anybody who even faintly resembles a genuine opposition leader.
She could therefore have neither become a runaway nor joined a guerrilla group.
Neither the president nor the vice president is mentioned in the new directive as being part of the chain of command.
There wasn't a shortage of freaks, but neither were there any genuine creeps.
The condition of both parties was desperate, and there was a possibility that neither would live through the night.
Neither of these marques has any heritage to draw from in terms of building or marketing real sports cars.
Don would have acted neither pleased nor displeased about the attention.
Neither was given much chance of winning the nomination.
At frontline dressing stations neither time nor sentiment is wasted on the hopelessly injured.
He has neither a balancing pole nor safety net below.
Me neither, which is unfortunate considering the stakes right now.
Neither of us particularly wears our heart on our sleeve.
Neither the agency charged with safety nor the manufacturer acted.
His local service station was offering neither methanol nor ethanol at its pumps.
Modern humans have neither an air sac nor an extension on the hyoid bone.
They contained neither corn syrup nor partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.
Officially it is an inflammatory bowel disease, but it is neither wholly infectious nor exclusively autoimmune.
But neither compound has yet been tested for improving strength or endurance in humans.
It also requires plate tectonics and volcanism-neither of which seems to be active at this time either.
Near a moon base, neither access nor stability would be a problem.
Dark matter neither emits nor reflects light and cannot be observed directly, posing a challenge for scientists.
Neither scenario would be particularly good news in the context of modern climate change.
Most important, neither insect feeds on willows or cottonwood trees.
Their bones suggest that they are close relatives of snakes and obviously, neither group has any legs.
The glow could warn predators or help scorpions to recognise each other, although neither possibility has been tested.
Neither teaches now, but both hold research professorships.
Literally, it means turned thumb--an unspecified turn, neither up nor down.
Neither spices nor cooking would offer much protection against this risk.
Nothing comes near this mushroom-neither bird nor insect-because of its cyanide odor.
Neither becomes real until someone opens the box and looks inside.

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