neighborly in a sentence

Example sentences for neighborly

There is some psychological separation from the street, yet it feels neighborly.
Ironically, the game could replace the neighborly interaction it so deliberately emulates.
He concluded that neighborly interaction was lacking and decided to change the zoning.
Neighborly thank yous will appear in this space weekly.
Mediation is to make a neighborly space by sharing it and then leaving it alone namely to draw the viewer's attention.
We know offer the use of bark collars to help with those neighborly disputes over barking dogs.
If you know who the animal belongs to, the neighborly thing to do is to let the owner know what is happening.
If your concerns cannot be resolved in a neighborly fashion, check with your city officials to see if they can intervene.
Try to work out a mutually agreeable and reasonable solution in a neighborly manner.
He said that process of true community input and consensus building would be fair, legal and neighborly.
It keeps the sidewalk safe, it looks better and it's certainly the neighborly thing to do.

Famous quotes containing the word neighborly

Phebe. Thou hast my love; is not that neighborly? Silvius. I would have you. Phebe. Why, that were covetous... more
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