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Fences are fine between neighboring properties, as far as they go.
Limited food, but you can order in appetizers from the neighboring restaurant.
It loves a good drink of water- but she is wary to bloom as neighboring plants shade out the sunshine.
The dome fared considerably better than neighboring homes.
The only way to get treated, if they become sick is to go to a neighboring town.
Your vacation could be to a national or state park in your state or a neighboring state.
Which neighboring or similar countries were picked was entirely arbitrary.
It should be acknowledged that inward migration from neighboring countries and a high birthrate are factors.
Hopefully, our partner and brother neighboring country to achieve these results.
It is bad taste to call the elected leader of your neighboring country a lunatic.
The neighboring patients must move in their stocking feet.
However, neighboring countries worry about the violence spilling over their borders.
Among these was a dragon, which flew on horrible wings from a neighboring lake, and seemed ready to devour everything in its way.
The arteries of neighboring lobules are independent of each other, but the veins freely anastomose.
The shabbiness of her father's little cottage was smothered with flowers and branches cut in a neighboring wood.
Neighboring farmers shook their heads over the expense.
Still, things seldom get dull-a handful of neighboring towns lend the area a cosmopolitan flair.
Peace and plentiful land attract refugees from troubled neighboring countries.
Now a new surge of violence is sweeping through the area-and even threatening neighboring countries.
Set to clear land for agriculture, they have often spiraled out of control and burned neighboring forests.
In many animals, relatives tend to stay close, either sharing the same territory or living in neighboring ones.
He spends his days raiding neighboring villages and protecting his own tribe from attacks by wild animals.
Occasionally they will turn on neighboring genes in these locations.
Within a column, neighboring vehicles are in neighboring cells.
When axons burst open, they often distribute amyloid proteins through the neighboring brain tissue.
The cloud was likely irregular in shape, perturbed by neighboring stars and other clouds.
While the leader crept toward the fig tree, his compatriots made their way up two neighboring trees in silence.
The goal was far nobler than finding out what your boss really thinks of you or what is going on in the neighboring cubicle.
The two hydrogen atoms of the molecules tend to attract neighboring water molecules.
Neighboring plankton species colonized one tank via the wind but not another.
The city could identify how much it would cost to fight a fire in a neighboring town.
Dumont and its neighboring towns happen to be a gold mine for prescription-fillings.
We will cite only the following brief statistics from an old physician of a neighboring town.
The rangelands around my home never greened up and neighboring ranchers sold off much of their cattle herds.
The coated copper wires run on top of and perpendicular to the thin silver lines, connecting them to neighboring cells.
Or perhaps it could do a cross-promotion with neighboring food establishments.
Other structures ensure that any excess charge produced by bright lighting conditions doesn't spill out into neighboring pixels.
They incorporated loose strands into the structures with sequences designed to link to loose strands in neighboring pyramids.
Electricity imports are also harder to come by during the winter, as neighboring countries confront their own power peaks.
They got milk from a neighboring dairy and groceries from the food co-op.
Of course, if a close friend sits at the neighboring table, everything changes.
Gaskin sponsored a theological debate with neighboring preachers.
He sold some neighboring leases and managed to raise enough for one last wildcat, but this too came in dry.
Anti-aircraft systems crown the neighboring buildings.
On school days, kids horse around outside of both the public school and the neighboring yeshiva on wide, calm streets.
Often, the two types of books were sold at neighboring tables.
The nerve impulses from the neighboring regions of the monkey's sensory cortex had encroached only one or two millimeters.
If you want to enjoy a good look at our neighboring worlds, put on your coat and get out now.
Electric charges can bleed through their insulation and tunnel into neighboring lines.
It measures how much activator and precursor exist in each segment and decides how they affect the levels in neighboring ones.
Human beings and nonhuman apes inhabit neighboring branches on the tree of life, but there are differences.
Normally, neighboring bees would swoop into forsaken hives and steal honey and pollen.
Now they have to chalk up almost all that light to the neighboring star.
In others, an action on one particle would have weird effects on neighboring particles.
If too much light hits them, they overflow into the neighboring pixel.
These waves were apparently disturbing a neighboring region of the inner ear that controls balance.
Neighboring retinal cells in the sunfish have their long axes--the cells are elliptical--aligned perpendicular to one another.
He had fled to a neighboring county to escape violence.
Angela is not a housekeeper and typically spends her occasional better days drinking tea and gossiping with neighboring cronies.
He also joined with neighboring emirates to form a loose federation.
Neighboring farmers split the purchase price of expensive field machinery.

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