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Help celebrate geography worldwide by planning events in your own community, school, or neighborhood.
What defines a building or an apartment as special can vary by neighborhood.
We live in a friendly neighborhood and know the parents of our kids' friends.
So the hip restaurant in my neighborhood is packed with people spending money while the less trendy fade away.
Fresh data from ground-based telescopes indicate that a prevailing view of the solar neighborhood needs revision.
The idea is that you can use this bike to do anything a car could do in your neighborhood.
We found the reason behind the neighborhood stink yesterday.
The main campus is located in a quiet residential neighborhood.
In addition, a planet has to dominate the neighborhood around its orbit.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
Hop the trolley for a fun ride through the neighborhood.
Neighborhood groups battled methadone clinics, where patients congregate daily for their meds.
My college, an urban campus in a mid-sized city, runs a grant program to help staff and faculty buy houses in the neighborhood.
There sure are a lot of ugly people in your neighborhood.
Create a map of your neighborhood with no key map elements.
In large cities, many people do not know their neighbors, even though they may have lived in the same neighborhood for years.
Most of your neighborhood ice cream vendors peaceably sell frozen treats.
He has also grown accustomed to neighborhood kids stealing his sign and planting it on other people's lawns as a joke.
Nor did she quote a single student or a single resident of the target neighborhood she visited.
Local, independent businesses give a neighborhood character.
The planets would have moved out of the neighborhood long ago.
They have thanked me by cleaning the stinging and biting insects out of my neighborhood.
They bulldozed the whole neighborhood and erected nothing.
Neighborhood kids come over to play all the time because our yard is more interesting than a flat boring lawn.
The neighborhood has been deeply affected by that horrific act of cowardice.
That's when you can find out who the real geeks in the neighborhood are.
The guys from the neighborhood who invited me asked me to dance.
Compared to the vastness of the cosmos, this would have been a small neighborhood indeed.
The neighborhood is adjacent to the city's financial district.
In his spare time, he practices judo and gardens organically, and he has started a local-food project in his neighborhood.
Though this species is formidable it's not the top dog in the neighborhood.
Every day our neighborhood appears a bit more crowded--and dangerous.
Customers are clamoring to get the high-speed service in their neighborhood.
Please try and interpret this in the context and in the neighborhood where my sister lives.
Imagine that you are a police officer in a tough neighborhood where the criminals are heavily armed.
People streamed out onto the sidewalks and into neighborhood cafes as buildings were evacuated as a precautionary measure.
The universe is a mighty big place, but there is no shortage of amazement right here in our celestial neighborhood.
Compare your neighborhood with another nearby neighborhood.
Solar on large flat commercial roofs in every neighborhood is cheap.
So they go vacant and decay and the whole neighborhood goes down.
Gather beautiful individual leaves during a walk in the country or neighborhood.
In the neighborhood of other decent state university systems.
Remember, they are not poor enough to enjoy an economist's subsidy to relocate to a higher income neighborhood.
Talk about what those signs might be in your neighborhood.
Find a neighborhood garden where flower shoots are sprouting.
In our neighborhood fiddler crabs often group together in the street, especially at the entrance to the development.
Lemon, pomegranate and avocado trees were common in the neighborhood.
Flora's neighborhood nursery soon became a source of design inspiration for gardeners and landscape designers.
Rocket into this game to explore our space neighborhood.
As you move about the neighborhood you read the other parts of the story.
The best way to go abroad is to buy a good pair of shoes and go walking in your neighborhood.
We prefer, however, the simple butchers and green grocers in our neighborhood.
There are enough non-sentient humans living in my neighborhood already.
By dawn, the trickle that began to seep into the neighborhood during the night had become a scalding torrent.
Continue past a slew of independent art galleries and witness the slow gentrification of a once ramshackle neighborhood.
All one needs to do is take a drive through a low income neighborhood and you'll find a smorgasbord of fast food joints.
The neighborhood video-rental store had become a fitness center.
Henceforth it is an object of beauty, however base its origin and neighborhood.
Many urban-planning programs have begun to teach their students how neighborhood form affects walkability and energy efficiency.
There is an amazing range of housing and neighborhood options, with decent choices at pretty much any and every level.
They hand neighborhood residents other, pocket-sized video cameras to record their own stories.
Demand is currently in the neighborhood of doubt the supply each year, or some such.
That's if there is no place in your neighborhood to get free air.
They'll charge sequentially throughout the neighborhood via grid synchronized chargers.
Consumers, used to shelves stuffed full of seafood selections at every neighborhood convenience store, are less aware.
Citizen scientists participate by counting pigeons and recording courtship behaviors observed in their neighborhood pigeon flocks.
But it is a different story in a galaxy's local neighborhood.
Imagine if your county, township, or neighborhood had it's own energy source.
There's an argument for diverse neighborhood structure that supports transit and that is self-sustaining.
Jumping the queue for fresh baked goods will be a lot harder if the whole neighborhood is following the same bakery, for instance.
Some of his old friends can still be found around the neighborhood.
Merely walking through an upper-caste neighborhood is a life-threatening offense.
Set out cans and bottles for neighborhood pickup, or exchange them for cash at a recycling center.
Students should be prepared to ask questions about disaster plans at the school, neighborhood, and city levels.
If three's a crowd, a new planet recently discovered orbiting a sunlike star is really cluttering up its neighborhood.
They emerged without a scratch in a neighborhood where five people died.
Background sounds in her suburban neighborhood-lawn mowers, planes, barking dogs-intermingled in a deafening buzz.
The lights in my neighborhood are an ugly, sickly yellow.
It would make our neighborhood something less than the calm, peaceful place it is now.
The window was open and the entire neighborhood lit up.
All people in the neighborhood walked toward the streets looking up the sky, nervous.
In the absence of strong central leadership, the rebuilding has atomized into a series of independent neighborhood projects.
Easy ways to know if a neighborhood is well-designed.
The labeling is often the result of a social contest among individuals and families of the neighborhood.
In every neighborhood, she collected wireless names-a city dweller's version of catching butterflies.
Cast members had been joined by forty or so day players-mostly kids from the neighborhood.
Everybody in the neighborhood knows her by its sweet smell.
His presence didn't mean much to me or to the other kids in the neighborhood.
The shelter was in a nineteenth-century neighborhood, in a brick building on a cobbled street.
In this neighborhood, such imperfections are noticeable.
Its white monuments far below mark this as a military neighborhood, past and present.
But to the people who live there, it's home, their neighborhood.
It depends on the neighborhood you live in, if you live in my neighborhood you'd be nuts not to have one.
Behind him, a few houses are left where a neighborhood used to be.
Select a neighborhood name for a list of routes serving that neighborhood.
The value of each output pixel is the statistical mean of the neighborhood of that pixel.

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