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On a computer, they've positioned the turbines close enough together that as one spins, it then directs the wind to its neighbor.
And one orchid species uses different fungi than a close orchid neighbor, to prevent competing for the same nutrients.
It's close in that it's our next-door neighbor and shares a long border with our country.
But my front door was silent and I could think of no reason, logical or otherwise, to refuse my neighbor's invitation.
Our next-door neighbors moved away last week.
Kalamazoo is the kind of town, where neighbors know each other.
My neighbor breathes really loudly and it drives me nuts.
Some animals stay safe by copying the look of a poisonous neighbor.
Marathon has the small town atmosphere of neighbor helping neighbor.
Some of the neighbors in the book are based on neighbors we had.
Just because you have a dispute with a neighbor over a land, does not mean you wish ill for the neighbor.
Her neighbor is writing a book.
By midmorning, she might take a jogging break with a neighbor.
After a few years, a neighbor began to pressure him to visit the county fair to shoot the scenery.
But it has been mostly warm all winter, and my neighbor's crocuses were confused enough to bloom.
When he beat her so badly she thought she might die, she escaped to seek a neighbor's help.
Yet the instruments they left behind are helping us learn even today about the inner life of our celestial neighbor.
The downside is that in some areas, where a node is far away from its nearest neighbor, the service can be unacceptably poor.
Quality has been jettisoned in advertising and having more toys than your neighbor is the new sales mantra.
Bombing our closest neighbor pays off with a trove of information.
Finally, a fine-grained neighbor-joining tree which shows the geographical clusters.
She, poor thing, goes running to the neighbor to cry her innocence and woe.
He was at a midweek dinner party and he turned to his neighbor across the table.
But, as of yet, there is no sign of a general rush to trade protectionism or to beggar-thy-neighbor currency policies.
For years, a rule against copying your neighbor's order was observed fairly strictly.
His life of crime began when, at the age of twelve, he stole some watermelons from a neighbor's garden.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
The days are long gone when powerful countries would dispose of a smaller, vulnerable neighbor to suit their own ends.
There was music from my neighbor's house through the summer nights.
He had to face it nearly every day-in a glance from a neighbor, or a poster on the street.
We played into his hand by being the big, bad neighbor that kept his people rallied.
Even a car could be misused to run over a pesky neighbor.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Things got so bad he had to siphon electricity from a neighbor's home because he couldn't pay the bills.
If your neighbor is foreclosed on, whether they're an owner or a tenant, that affects you and all your neighbors.
Being a good neighbor by controlling odors is a part of the normal operation of every treatment facility.
To nominate, a neighbor should write a letter or e-mail explaining why their neighbor should receive this designation.

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