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Example sentences for negotiator

If the money is coming from the department, the chair might be a tough negotiator.
Kan reportedly was too busy to take calls, indicating his chief negotiator had full authority.
Therefore, a good negotiator works on changing perceptions.
There are, after all, shelves full of books offering advice about how to succeed as a negotiator.
Some of this criticism, of course, is posturing: no negotiator concedes the argument at the preliminary stage.
But as any good negotiator knows, you have to know where the other side is coming from in order to effect movement.
The first negotiator to mention aesthetic quality loses.
He had since earned a reputation as a patient negotiator with old-world civility.
The telecommunication is the first point of contact, and must fulfill the role of negotiator until one arrives.
His personal understanding of both management and labor made him a tough but fair negotiator, respected by all.
He sees himself as a negotiator, a conciliator, a post-modern politico who wants to solve problems without partisan rancor.

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The upbeat lawyer/negotiator of preadolescence has become a real pro by now—cynical, shrewd, a tough cook... more
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