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He represented them both as a litigator in labor disputes and in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.
The discussion produced no compromises-it was a debate, not a negotiation-but it was clarifying.
Done correctly, negotiation can strengthen the relationship between applicant and employer.
Those can be natural starting points for your negotiation.
Proven examples of influence through negotiation and interpersonal skills.
Add your negotiation tactics to the list by logging in and editing this article.
The contract up for negotiation would be for four years.
You'll be surprised how many things you can change via negotiation.
The negotiation process is steered towards a win-win outcome, one with which both parties can be reasonably content.
Surprising insights into sacred values, and what they mean for negotiation.
Management will find that the negotiation of a labor contract requires give and take.
Recognize that cost of living varies considerably and usually factors into salary negotiation.
Stand up for a negotiation that may actually serve the public good.
The negotiation of disarmament would eventually raise the possibility of a substantial cut in the military budget.
Few executives, however, have formal training in negotiation skills.
Any reasonable business transaction involves good faith negotiation.
The only accurate slide here, listing the groups participating in the negotiation process.
So if you have four stellar publications then you could find you have a lot more scope for negotiation.
Having failed to take evasive action, he showed no bottom line once lured into negotiation.
If at all possible, avoid content negotiation if you're really interested in every last ounce of performance.
Again, the negotiation and mediation phase will take some time.
When you come into the system, your pay is an item of individual negotiation with the dean, not fixed by any scale.
However, the art of negotiation takes on a whole new meaning online and raises a host of new questions.
Offers from outside are commonly used for negotiation purposes internally.
In the information era, privacy and publicity in hospital rooms will be subject to negotiation.
Instead of getting another offer as a negotiation tool, you should be seeking better opportunity and better pay elsewhere.
Friends and enemies alike admitted he was a master of negotiation.
The exact details of programming are still the subject of negotiation and may not be known for several weeks.
Consultation is something that must be negotiated and the results of the negotiation must be binding on all parties.
Expect the speech simply to spawn additional debate and negotiation.
If so, there is no particular need to discuss your partner's plans at any point of the negotiation.
Mutual delusion seems a nebulous basis for negotiation.
It is equally not a merger negotiation or courtroom drama.
At the time of registration, the fee was reportedly still under negotiation.
It is a self-interested bureaucracy with the power of negotiation.
There is no longer any talk of reform or negotiation.
Nor will it end with the ordinary politics of negotiation and concession.
If they refuse, neither player gets anything and there is no room for negotiation.
Either this is sloppy negotiation, or something is amiss and they don't want to promise anything in writing.
If you are fortunate enough to get the job offer, you still have some critical steps in the negotiation process to complete.
So this really ought to be a question of how to handle the individual negotiation.
Getting the agreement moving likely will involve further negotiation on automotive issues.
But if negotiation continues to fail, alternatives must be considered.
It does not, however, obviously make sense to give away in advance of a negotiation that you are likely to lie or cheat in it.
The center piece is that hostage negotiation pretty much pushed a simple situation to the tragedy.
Suppliers must co-ordinate without negotiation on a mutually profitable price, then stop anybody undercutting it.
Not the type of negotiation that was tried where the president said he would not budge.
The question is whether this is a negotiation tactic or a stalling tactic.
Collective-action clauses are designed to address the problem of holdout creditors in a restructuring negotiation.
Corruption will then become our strength and give us upper hand on any negotiation.
That's a big plus in any kind of diplomacy or negotiation.
One country, two system may not be acceptable and neither side really think that will be on the table when negotiation comes.
He's emphasized realism over human rights, negotiation over regime change, the national interest over the promotion of democracy.
Next is the negotiation phase, where strategies are implemented.

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