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Let us never negotiate out of fear.
We learned how to read our radar images and meticulously negotiate the hills.
The next step is to negotiate a contract, which may take months.
We should be prepared to negotiate on some of these nine points separately.
They won't negotiate with you regarding salary at an initial interview.
But she said she had to negotiate and get everything in writing.
Stay calm so that you can see if you can negotiate a settlement.
Following the court's decision, union leaders immediately went to the bargaining table to negotiate with the publishing industry.
Some schools negotiate licensing agreements with software companies.
There's always room to negotiate.
Most hiring managers have a range to work with and it is up to the candidate to negotiate for the higher salary.
The economists bring drafts of reports to conference rooms, spread out the relevant pages, and negotiate changes with one other.
There were dialogues and demands to negotiate with the government.
There are seven more checkpoints to negotiate along the way.
He mounted a sharp defense of his willingness to negotiate with unfriendly powers.
Managers are not permitted to negotiate deals and contracts on behalf of their clients.
Someone to help with the dept stuff, someone to help negotiate the college-level potholes.
If they seem inadequate, you are in a better position than you may ever be again to negotiate for those resources.
Moreover, athletes should be allowed to negotiate the maximum length.
Some college officials are considering teaming up to negotiate better rates for cloud services, hoping to reduce costs.
Make sure to negotiate as good a relocation allowance as you can.
Not everyone who is inappropriately paid can find better work elsewhere, or negotiate for higher wages.
Wobbly grip makes it tough to negotiate tight corners.
He kicked aside the hoops that everyone else had to negotiate and straightforwardly and brazenly pursued what he wanted.
We cannot negotiate emissions levels and rates of economic growth with the biosphere.
We also limit our ability to conduct war and to negotiate lasting peace.
The creditors committee, archdiocese and its insurance company will negotiate a dollar amount.
They might negotiate prices, they might take better care of themselves.
Determine what you absolutely won't negotiate on, what you desire, and what you are willing to give and take.
Nor do they help negotiate a treacherous landscape of hungry cats, cars and metal traps.
Big companies have more power to negotiate with suppliers and are better able to withstand the industry's cycle.
He said that firms should have more freedom to negotiate changes in working time with employees.
Unions with the power to negotiate might spend more time representing their members and less cosying up to politicians, he says.
But the networks must negotiate some important hurdles first if such lofty predictions are to come true.
It took two weeks to negotiate an official obituary.
Nor can hypermarkets negotiate freely with suppliers, which retailers say allows big brand-names to impose high prices.
The unions will also have the power to negotiate collective contracts.
Peasants, it said, should have the right to negotiate their own price for land appropriated from them.
Draftees can negotiate only with the team that chooses them.
But the rewards, had it chosen to negotiate seriously, were deemed worth the risk.
The two governments have yet to negotiate who would have final control over whether to fire the interceptors.
They are far too small to negotiate good deals with their wholesalers, who are themselves a pretty inefficient bunch.
If not, insolvent countries must negotiate a restructuring.
Even after you've got the e-voucher ready, you'll still have to negotiate with your car salesman for your new ride.
Both factors have led to a disconnect between labor supply and demand that makes it tough for workers to negotiate better deals.
The buyer and the seller usually negotiate who pays certain closing costs.
There may be less pressure on you to buy, and you may be able to negotiate the price.

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