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This is not good public relations for the phone company and for sure it has a negative impact on business.
Tourism has also caused a negative impact in some areas, through litter and severe erosion.
They found that the pain led to decreased activity in the areas of the brain associated with negative emotion.
Don't make negative comments about current or former employers.
But now scientists say they have pinpointed a specific part of the brain associated with negative feelings.
The article did much to change people's negative attitudes about intellectual disabilities.
In short, those negative precepts which we call taboo are just as vain and futile
Overall, i think the negative affects are worse than the positive affects.
It is necessary to know whether your car has a positive or negative ground if your battery markings are unreadable.
The negative space in art is as important as the filled in parts.
When medical scientists did think about happiness, they tended to view it in the negative, as freedom from depression.
Some wires, made of cobalt oxide and gold, become the negative poles of the battery.
The cowboy was a positive image, as opposed to the hillbilly, which was considered a negative image.
Water molecules are polar and one end has a slight negative charge, the other a slight positive charge.
Their other qualities, in the view of humankind, are negative.
Ethical concerns now put more constraints on how scientists can elicit negative emotions.
More than that and you start to get quite negative impacts.
Finalists will be further required to submit a negative or high-resolution file.
With no traffic cops on the moon, the only deterrent against damaging sites might be the prospect of negative publicity.
No other flavor can provoke such an intense negative reaction.
My one disappointment is the negative comments posted here.
However, there are other places better suited for said negative comments that would be more effective.
When published the cards received negative publicity.
One sister tested negative and the rest have not been tested.
It pains me to see all these negative things about our fair city.
The positive charge is full, let's add the negative.
He will become a thoughtful skeptic who worries about the negative impact of technology on the human condition.
The panel is green at a positive voltage, blue when uncharged, and pink when negative.
Also, it is possible for a component to be negative.
Now, by going negative, he's making things even worse.
The latter give us only the negative liberty to starve and be unemployed.
Their actual return, of course, has mostly been negative.
It's negative only for people who are afraid of change.
There's been an effort to paint me as this negative figure on the reservation, but not because of my writing.
And certainly none has drawn so much violently negative criticism from poets themselves.
Current trends reveal an interesting combination of positive and negative indicators.
The latter is a negative from internal infinite completeness, the former a limitation from internal infinite power.
Everything in nature is bipolar, or has a positive and negative pole.
As many as are of the negative will signify it in the same way.
Without transference of this sort, or without a negative transfer, he would not even listen to the physician and to his arguments.
If the vote is in the negative, a time for the reception of the report should be appointed either by a vote or by general consent.
The negative must be put as well as the affirmative, a majority vote being required for each member of the committee.
Technical training may give the negative merits of style, as an elocutionist may help a public speaker by ridding him of tricks.
As concerned her own individual existence, she had long ago decided in the negative, and dismissed the point as settled.
He is constructed partly by negative definition, built up by a great number of observations.
The latter in turn is held up by the negative pressure in the thorax.
If you're an author confronted with a negative book review, you have several options.
And maybe you can find a way to set aside those negative feelings.
But colleges and universities also owe candidates the opportunity to clear any negative information that comes to light.
Cheerfully and repeatedly stonewall when asked for negative information.
In the world of student evaluations, certain items cry out for attention in the positive or the negative.
The article also implied that serving minority students has a negative impact on graduation and default rates.
If you must be negative, have the nerve to stand by what you think and sign your name to it.
Trustees based his dismissal on a negative performance review, which cited poor fund raising and student retention.
My teaching evaluations for over a decade are completely flawless, with not one negative comment and dozens of positives.
The judge also chronicled her negative performance evaluations.
In the view of some educators as well as critics of the education system, those negative feelings obstruct the learning process.
If it is negative, one gets a one year before being terminated.
Negative health effects from exposure to chemicals are a growing concern.
But each time they have looked for it their results come up negative.
Graphite rods inside the tube function as negative electrodes and host bacteria that stick to the rods' surfaces.
We do not allow our images to be used for negative shark features.
There can also be unintended effects, which can be positive but often are negative.
The type of emotion, positive or negative, people feel during an event may determine the details they recall.
Energy is costly, however, and its production often has negative environmental consequences.
Negative outlook is a relatively soft warning whereas negative credit watch is almost an ultimatum.
Parliamentary observers complain that the fragmented legislature has made the country's politics more negative and short-term.
To put it another way, the real natural rate of interest right now is negative.
Clearly negative nominal rates are out of the question.
Regular fliers won't be surprised by the report's negative tone.
Short-term real rates were negative, but aren't any longer.
Labels are not the solution to every negative environmental externality.
Third, real-life taxation is distortionary, and this will exacerbate the negative response of consumption.
Maintaining a house is expensive and an abandoned home imposes a negative externality on its neighbours.
Negative equity exacerbates immobility because people are reluctant to move if it means selling at a loss.
Any form of tourism can bring negative impacts, including damage to the physical environment and changed lifestyles.
Voters routinely decry negative ads and insist they ignore them.
No party should have any sort of negative energy, especially during the holidays.
Also, these sorts of laws have a hugely negative impact on the street-food culture.
Most studies of cortisol have looked at the hormone's negative effects when chronic stress keeps its levels high.
And to make ultra-heavy hydrogen, they replaced one of the electrons in a helium atom with a negative muon.
After viewing each face, participants pressed a button to indicate whether the image displayed positive or negative emotion.
We call those processes feedbacks-- positive feedbacks for those that amplify and negative feedbacks for those that dampen.
Of course there are negative feedback loops in the atmosphere.
Complex systems are likely to have both positive and negative feedback loops.
Most people worry about the negative effects of too much cholesterol, but this lipid is essential for cells.
Neuroscientists have shown that by altering brain-wave patterns, the discipline purges negative thoughts.
Her father finally identified it as a negative photograph.
Furthermore, negative electrical charges from the electrons of the solid host partly cancel the repulsion between the nuclei.
The more the muscles of the acetabulum contract, the higher the negative pressure and the firmer the sucker's grip.
Negative space was fully, and beautifully, utilized.
They were the originals-there was no negative, only the film you got back.
The relationship had been having its ups and downs for years, settling into ever more negative patterns of fighting.
There used to be a negative connotation about veganism.
Obviously, that's the kind of thing that should not be encouraged: socially negative contribution.
It's whatever they want to see, whether it's negative or positive.
The injustice of the given can incite mere mortals to hostile, negative feelings.
These wretched ballets had a certain negative importance.
They may motivate you to make changes, helping you set simple goals to reduce your negative impact on the planet.
If she had a guy a little bit negative, that would be a disaster.
One has negative liberty to the extent that actions are available to one in this negative sense.
His father had explained that the journal was for positive wants, not negative wants.
In addition, many drugs' negative effects don't show themselves for years.
Negative matter is quite peculiar because it is lighter than nothing.
Positive emotions are governed by the prefrontal cortex's left side, negative by the right side.
It causes animals to cope with a negative experience and impairs normal behavior.
And it's why a negative statement can make a face stand out more than a positive one.
Once again it appears that sometimes, trying to suppress large forest fires might be creating unintended negative consequences.
The screen for drugs in her urine was negative, she denied any known toxin exposures, and she wasn't taking any medication.
Many of my patients with prediabetes or diabetes do not realize the negative effect that disease has on their hearts.
They also can have profoundly negative impacts on a talented scientist's career, if the odds never manage to tip in their favor.
The negative impact of these myths is predictable and yet distressingly persistent.
Nonsynonymous changes can be neutral as well, but they may also have functional consequences which are negative or positive.
He put a pair of scissors on a table and told me to draw the negative space around the scissors, not the scissors themselves.
Positive charges cancel negative charges, south poles offset north poles.
It is relatively easy to demonstrate that humans have a genetically prepared negative response to nature.
Of course, if the test is negative, the case is still not closed.
Bioengineering could lessen the negative impact of biofuels.
Main problem is, election system doesn't enable voters to express their negative opinion.
At the end of the swing, she executes negative work to decelerate her moving leg.
He claims that the modern system selects for conscientiousness over raw intelligence, with negative consequences.
But until recently, chemists had only made polymers that conducted either positive or negative charges.
Interesting article, advertising seems to evoke strong negative reactions in the readers.
In a semiconductor silicon cell, silicon material absorbs light, but it also conducts the negative and positive charge carriers.
The buckyball has a net negative charge, while the metal cluster has a net positive one.
To keep them open, engineers apply a voltage--a positive voltage on the shutter itself and a negative voltage on the back wall.
The model captures the benefit or disadvantage by allowing it take a positive or negative value.
Page says that a slightly negative value of the constant would maximise this process.
People spend hours in psychologists' offices trying to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
Some negative effects come with the good of all the new safety equipment.
It is good that society and the profession are finally paying attention to the consequences that are negative.
No experiment, giving an unexpected negative result, has had such an impact on the history of physics.
Perhaps the current trend of many chess professionals taking up the more lucrative pastime of poker is not a wholly negative one.
Obviously, that's not possible: nobody will lend at a negative interest rate, since you can always hold cash instead.
Much more important was the way work was done on the acetate negative from which the print on the silk screen was made.
Similarly, the strategy of tying teacher evaluations to test scores will have predictably negative consequences.
Sign languages are based on the positive use of the eyes, not the negative function of the ears.
Its trade balance would turn negative and there would be widespread unemployment.
In fact they form a kind of negative image of what made his silent movies so strange and delightful.
It also had a strongly negative effect on policy decisions.

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