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In terms of large scale policy and economic concerns, that needs to be taken into account.
Students learn that habitats meet the basic needs of animals in several ways.
What this nation needs is another corporate tax cut.
The participant, a field-grade officer, observed that modularity cost brigades lots of things that a unit at war needs to succeed.
What a scared orphan elephant needs more than anything is other elephants.
In fact, it needs more water than most: the shoots of this marsh plant are typically partially submerged.
Needs protection from drying winds and strong, reflected sunlight.
Sometimes, all your computer needs is a little personality.
Faculty members in any field that meets the needs of the business world are going to be in demand.
Discover how habitats meet the basic needs of animals in several ways.
The zoo needs an insect expert to find the missing creatures.
Around the country, ecotourism efforts are underway targeting specific needs.
He couldn't continue because my teaching style didn't meet his needs.
He merely needs to persuade them that he has done enough to continue to pretend that the absence of peace is not his fault.
All fertilizers supply plants with the nutrients your garden needs to be in tip-top shape.
It is a delicate process since the needs of the fungus and the needs of the trees are not entirely the same.
If it's growing satisfactorily, its nutrient needs are being met.
To graduate more adult students, colleges must take their needs and lifestyles into account, panelists said.
What needs to happen is the military needs to get the government back on track and a new leader elected.
Lots of wonderful animals live near reefs, so the sub needs a wildlife expert on the crew.
Fresh data from ground-based telescopes indicate that a prevailing view of the solar neighborhood needs revision.
They are convinced that the world is warming in a dangerous way and something needs to be done.
That's all anybody needs to greet the new millennium.
In her view, even well-meaning owners fall well short of meeting the animals' needs.
There are countless arguments for moving beyond fossil fuels for our energy needs.
Finally, they would simply inject the new cells into the organ that needs them.
Every great sword-and-sandals flick needs a great rallying cry.
First, online learning needs to be truly borderless and effortless.
Every business needs to take resource productivity as seriously as it takes labour productivity.
The searchable site allows visitors to indicate a grade level and subject area for resources tailored to specific needs.
Mosquito nets have been changed before to meet user needs.
But then you're also obliged to set the context in which the work needs to be seen.
In many cases, governments simply cannot meet the higher-education needs.
No rich country needs a smorgasbord of subsidies for manufacturing.
We can embrace those cities as part of our society that needs to be cherished.
Not everyone needs to spend a couple of weeks earning their sea legs to feel at home.
But in many areas forests are maturing, eliminating the undergrowth this species needs.
The artist needs only to provide the original design on a computer.
Before a flower can set seed or form fruit, it needs to be pollinated.
Rather, the challenge is to recognize that the models produce results with uncertainty that needs to be embraced and understood.
Can be grown outdoors, but needs protection when frost threatens.
Needs strong support: superb on concrete and rock walls or on sturdy arbors.
T his is a wide-ranging group of plants with different needs.
The fishing spider needs neither rod nor reel to lure in tadpoles, fish, or frogs.
It needs to be hot enough to cause the puffs to expand quickly, but not so hot that they set before they have a chance to balloon.
The more purebred the dog, the more intense are the needs of the breed in her.
It prefers sun but needs some afternoon shade in the warmest regions.
Each beat gives your body the oxygen it needs to survive.
Needs some shade in hot climates, and winter chill for profuse display of rosy pink flowers.
Communicating with a busy household is much easier when your message center is tailor-made to fit your space and your needs.
The more rapidly and actively a plant is growing, the more nitrogen it needs.
Broccoli needs full sun to develop, even in desert climates.
The compact seed-starting system pictured here satisfies both needs.
In the desert, needs afternoon shade add to my plant list.
When the heart dares to speak, it needs no preparation.
In doing this there needs to be no bloodshed or violence, and there shall be none unless it be forced upon the national authority.
His own crabbed sentences go far to exasperate even a reader who must needs respect his scholarship.
The needs of controversy hastened the change, and individualism in literature began.
Macau's strong economic growth has put pressure its labor market prompting businesses to look abroad to meet their staffing needs.
But today it is employed without much feeling that it needs apology, and surely without any feeling that it is low.
In antiquarian works, again, literature owed much to the needs of engraving.
He who will not serve one master must needs serve many.
But in the early eighties the attention of the nation became directed to our naval needs.
They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go.
With outspread heart that needs the rough leaves' care.
One needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt always to the total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying.
Economic fundamentals remain solid, even though unemployment needs to be reduced.
Appoint a governing body that will determine what needs to be done and get the repairs done.
Today, student needs to understand that math is one of basic tools for modern world.
If it doesn't use up its allowance, it might then sell what it no longer needs.
He walks with his tail straight up, purrs and needs all the time, and loves to cuddle.
To support that large a living creature the oxygen concentration has to be much higher to support it's needs.
Students brainstorm examples of familiar animals and their needs.
Introduce shelter as one of the basic human needs, something that people must have in order to survive.
Forests also oxygenate the air, modify climate, and contribute to our recreational and personal needs.
Explain how communities change land uses to better meet current needs or to attract new users.
Nature can provide for everyday needs such as writing ink.
He is mean to kids, to where he needs to be in his cage.
After a chase, a cheetah needs half an hour to catch its breath before it can eat.
That's too bad because that is the opposite of how the modern worker needs to feel about his work.
They are not afraid to bring in private-sector partners, and do what they believe needs doing, not what politicians want done.
From sleep hogs to early birds, people have a wide range of shut-eye needs.
And any plan needs to be flexible and responsive, and invest in them.
It may be that our social organization is the thing that needs a cure.
Over decades, it has had time to evolve so that it balances economic costs with users' needs and wants.
So earn back that lost sleep-and follow the dictates of your innate sleep needs.
All educational,welfare,and political pork needs to stop now.
Proponents say hemp could meet an increasingly larger percentage of our domestic fiber and fuel needs.
Crucial in any successful negotiation is an accurate understanding of each side's motivations and needs.
Nuclear energy holds vast potential to solve our energy needs, with little or no damage done to the environment.
Water needs differ, too: some perennials are thirsty, while others succeed with little water.
Purple coneflower needs no special treatment, though it appreciates some shade in the hottest regions.
Water and fertilizer needs differ between the two groups, and susceptibility to some pests and diseases varies as well.
Of course, the more attentive you are to their basic needs, the more rewarding they'll be to have around.
He needs a yard that can fend for itself for weeks at a stretch.
Readers suggested sacrificing a few feet along the fence for a perimeter path to simultaneously satisfy both needs.
The dough needs a little extra flour, which makes it stiffer.
Special-purpose fertilizers, on the other hand, are formulated for specific needs.
It's great in rock gardens, but needs excellent drainage.
Once rosemary is established, occasional deep watering is almost all it needs.
Most of the time it needs only small tweaks for timing or simplicity.
When planted under trees or in other shady locations, it needs less water than it does in sunny areas.
Indeed, keeping her family's needs close at hand is central to the success of this equation.
Financial plans are offered to help our employees with their income replacement needs when they retire.
To incinerate some materials, extra fuel needs to be added.
Plant a few extra basil plants this summer and get a head start on your holiday gift needs.
Group vegetable plants by growth rate and mature size, as well as by water needs.
As temperatures increase, so do the water needs of your garden.
As formal tablecloths vanish, the tabletop needs to be attractive and durable.
Needs moderate water but considerably less than turf does.
Identify student learning needs and implement constructive responses to them.
We are seeking individuals whose credentials, interests and experience will best satisfy our curricular needs.
She will adjust to the needs of all serious students.
It's a delicate yet masculine dish, full-bodied where it needs to be and with the high notes of the season.
But still it needs to be in the context of your family to be something that really has deep meaning to you.
He shovels a canyon to the boathouse for a single hammer he needs.
But these days the last thing a city dweller needs is toughening up.
The habits and needs of a little-understood group.
Today, the computer moves the cutting tool and the operator needs to know how to talk to the computer.
Scientists say a perfect green lawn that never needs mowing may soon become a reality.
Flow stops in small blood vessels if the pressure becomes negative, so blood pressure in the head needs to be positive.
We have brains and minds because they serve the survival needs of the organism.
In my opinion awareness, research and early detection needs much more attention.
Some have said the disaster provides an opportunity for the solar sector to show it can meet our needs without nuclear in the mix.
The eye needs a visual display, for instance, and the ear needs an audio speaker.
Now, all the agency needs is a plan to get more money from the government to actually build these things.
The chemistry of batteries needs to be improved at the nano level and brought up to the macro level.
It needs a way to adhere electrical components to the lenses without distorting picture quality.
When an axon reaches the correct part of the brain, it needs to choose among the many neurons there.
The truth is, of course, that none of us needs to dress in high-fashion wear in order to be greener.
Instead of attacking them, it might be more effective to communicate science in a way that meets their needs.
But seriously, he's a pro of the highest order who desperately needs to be given some sort of an award for his outstanding work.
They tend to be small and to include smaller percentages of special-needs students.
There needs to be some balance and there's no balance.
What the art form needs is a persuasive justification of the expenditure.
Clearly, he needs the money-he always needs the money.
Add it all together, and she's able to express the basics of what she wants or needs.
Jimmy is incorrigible, and needs the shock of expulsion.
He needs a goddess to live in his head and sort out the archives.
He pretended that not saying aloud what he knew to be right and true was for her sake, was for the sake of her needs and feelings.
The more divided a society becomes in terms of wealth, the more reluctant the wealthy become to spend money on common needs.
Unfortunately somebody else did and needs to be penalized.
He apologizes a lot more than he needs to for the delay.
From a distance, they are both extremely successful, but doing it much more expensively than it needs to be done.
To exist, a cancer needs a living organism, but it cannot ever become a living organism.
When you buy a stock, that transaction needs to be recorded somewhere.
There's no easy way to ask this, but it needs to be addressed.
The effect of the hormone is to increase milk production, not exactly something the nation needed then-or needs now.
He wanted to illuminate what he felt was the mystery of her contrasting needs.
Together, they would tailor the laws to fit their immediate legal needs.
He would then use his own money to create prototypes to fulfill those needs.
My nature tends to be a heads-on guy, who needs to release a lot of tension in a lot of ways.
At one point, a tossed boulder hangs suspended in midair-a bug that needs to be fixed.
What the world needs right now is a rescue operation.
If that were to happen, the scholars would have won the day and driven general readers with their more modest needs into exile.
Many citizens are so disheartened that they do not believe government has the capacity to be responsive to their needs.
But historical research, as opposed to music appreciation, needs to examine those viewpoints-in-the-making.
Someone who wants to learn knows that he needs both information and critical response to its use from somebody else.
Clearly, everyone understands that there are sky-rocketing health care costs, and there needs to be containment.
The postwar crisis in the humanities is indeed all too real, and needs serious constructive attention.
In this sense, third-world countries are being used as laboratories for first-world needs.
But there is a fourth possibility that has been ignored and that needs to be raised in the inquiry.
Alter suggests that in his early days as a candidate he was shopping for a philosophy to fit the political needs of the day.
He needs to get out, so he slips through the window at night and into the next room, in darkness.
But not every society wants or needs charismatic leaders, and some have reason to shun them.
He or she needs to order a lot of things and write about all of them.
Artificial intelligence needs a reboot, say experts.
If one piece malfunctions or needs updating, programs and data automatically move to others.
Electronic repositories stretch to meet scholars' needs.
Swap in and out batteries to fit my riding needs and budget, swap in and out sprockets.
That's because water needs some nucleation event to trigger the process of ice formation.
There needs to be a positive connection to the skeletal structure of the body, not a corset tightened around an arm or a leg.
When you install the application, the operating system lists the capabilities that the application needs to run.
The main by-product of the machine is a benign ash that needs to be removed every few days.
However, the user must still decide how much insulin he needs and dose it out himself.
Resources will then be best used to fulfill peoples individual wants and needs under the available technology.
The test distinguishes two types of lung cancer and should help doctors tailor treatments to their patients' needs.
The right program should provide support for each student's unique needs and goals.
The company needs a constant influx of new ideas to improve its products, and these ideas traditionally come from physicians.
Yet it also shows how much work still needs to be done to enable robots to work closely with humans.
First, the receiving site needs to be unable to trace the source computer from which leaked content is uploaded.
So there's also a trade-off that needs to be made between all the users and that's harder to manage.
Clearly, this is a nettle that needs to be grasped quickly.
In other words, simply sharing location information isn't enough--it also needs to be incorporated into a useful application.
Our general security considerations for religious or cultural needs allow you multiple options.

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