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Federal law bars the nations capital from using local tax money for needle exchange programs.
But those measures seem to have barely moved the needle.
The usual way of doing this is to insert a needle into the lump and draw off some cells.
When you're looking for a needle in a haystack, best take a magnet.
Use a large needle to thread thin elastic through the mask, knotting elastic at each end to create a band.
These dolphins were trained to prod swimmers or dummies with the needle.
It punctures the present: a needle pricking a balloon.
Another popular technique delivers the marinade via hundreds of needle injections.
Cone-shaped, slow-growing, bright golden plant with a mixture of scale and needle foliage.
Jabbing a needle into someone's vein isn't as easy as it looks.
One method of salivary gland biopsy is a needle biopsy.
He said local prosecutors should decide whether to bring charges against needle distributors.
They can watch, on the screen, as the needle goes into the vein rather than relying on landmarks on the patient's skin.
It is at this point that the needle slides off the record.
Sew the other end of the pillow together using a needle and thread with a thimble to prevent pinpricks.
Number one is there's always potential for some type of placebo effect any time you put a needle in anyway.
Forms a vibrant golden cone with a mixture of scale and needle foliage.
When the needle struck a target, the pellet kept going and forced the toxin out of the needle.
The biopsy needle is pushed and twisted into the bone.
It's the question that pinpoints the location of the needle.
Skip the needle and thread and instead use stamps to make easy monogrammed handkerchiefs.
The old method involved sucking the nucleus out of the egg using a tiny needle.
Using a special machine, a needle or sheath is guided to the exact location of the abnormal area.
Needle in a haystack, as it were, except that you have only the vaguest of notions as to whether there's actually a needle there.
Where the land doesn't sheer away beneath you, it rises in steep needle points.
Or, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, use electrical heat-shrink wrap to seal the needle and thread in place.
The health care provider will determine the correct spot for the biopsy needle to be inserted into the liver.
The smallpox vaccine is given using a two-pronged needle that is dipped into the vaccine solution.
The biopsy needle is then withdrawn, and pressure is applied to the biopsy site to stop the bleeding.
The site will allow needle nuts to share creations, photos and videos to learn, buy and sell from each other.
Federal law bars the nation's capital from using local tax money for needle exchange programs.
The center of the needle is removed and the needle is moved deeper into the bone.
Braid the remaining loose ends together and twist them tightly with needle nose pliers.
The needle threatened the desecration of the stone, the penetration to the core.
For the heart surgery, in addition to the needles in the wrists, a needle was placed in each forearm.
The needle on a pressure gauge twitches ever further into the red.
Thread a needle and sew by hand if no machine is available.
Dirt and dust have a much more pronounced effect than with a traditional needle.
The keeper feels for the tail vein and pokes it with a blunt needle.
Clicking on the needle varies the vocal sample a little.
It has a slightly golden hue, suspended in an oily substance and injected in a needle about half as thick as a telephone wire.
Tack your quilt with a needle and thread through all three layers at the corners of each square.
One does not find a needle any faster by putting all the hay in the stack.
Anatase is always a trivial component a needle in the haystack.
Green will light up if the needle hits the right spot.
Mine said she could have removed each piece with a needle, as opposed to the whole layer of skin.
But these solutions don't address what the scientists now say is the cause of the needle loss: ethylene, a plant hormone.
Build a frame by pushing a needle and knotted thread through one end of a straw and into the center of a second straw.
Other than an occasional growl, she puts up with the needle treatment.
Still, when the syringe was full and the needle entered the flesh, it was clear there was a lot of pain.
Once the structure had a motor that could make it spin, the needle turned into a propeller, and microbes had new mobility.
The tags are about the size of a grain of rice, and are placed under the skin with a hypodermic needle.
Carefully use the pushpin or sewing needle to poke a hole into the foil.
The thief proceeds from a needle to gold, and from gold to the gallows.
Simply wrap thread around the needle and secure with a piece of scotch tape.
He and his team are helping refine some mechanical aspects of a new tool, a helical needle for operating on brain tumors.
In the basic nuclear transfer technique, scientists use an extremely fine needle to suck the genetic material from a mature egg.
The chronic disease can mean frequent needle jabs to test blood sugar levels-and costly treatments.
The surgeon uses the needle to remove the tissue sample.
When the needle is removed, a small piece of tissue remains in the needle.
Sometimes a small cut is made to help insert the needle.
During a needle biopsy, there may be some stinging or burning if a local anesthetic is injected.
The blood collects into an airtight vial or tube attached to the needle.
Next, the health care provider gently inserts a needle into the vein.
Researchers are also working on needle-less vaccines and jabs against non-infectious diseases such as certain cancers.
But in a tiny, isolated society, there may have been room only for one or two needle-makers.
Probing a cement-based material with an ultrathin diamond needle makes an imprint on the order of nanometers.
Instead, a hollow needle is inserted into the organ.
F or diabetics keeping tabs on their blood sugar level, life is punctuated with painful needle sticks.
Hardly believing what he was doing, he pushed the needle in-it was effortless-and slowly injected the contents.
They are often searching for relief from a needle of worry in their minds.
The tower is a shimmering silver needle, its delicacy as startling as its height.
Even with a needle in her vein, she was half pretending.
The rev counter is buzzing, but the speedometer's needle is barely moving.
The tissue damage inflicted by the rotating needle triggers a local flood of adenosine.
My patient cringed at the thought of a needle poking into the painful area.
It becomes more difficult to find the needle in the haystack, because now it's a bigger haystack and it's got more junk in it.
In the video below, you can see what happens when one of these aphids is prodded with a needle.
If you want to look for fossils, you're really looking for a needle in a haystack, he says.
Yes, when you poke someone in the back with a needle, you expect areas of the brain to light up.
The only people who know or care about the differences are those who put the needle in the rat.
Take a good look at one and you see these needle shaped bubbles in there.
Er, only if its transmitted by a scientist injecting you in the brain with a needle.
If you choose not to partake of the benefits of needle and knife, you are judged to be making a statement.
He had to try four times before he was able to get a needle properly inserted into her vein.
When he injected your face with collagen he left no needle-entry marks.
He started to give her the needle, but she gave it right back.
Afterward, an electrified needle is applied to the area to destroy any remnants of malignancy.

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