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Example sentences for needful

Sometimes environments and selection pressures change radically, and large effect mutations may become needful.
Separation, after all, is as native and as needful to us as society.
His products are as needful as those of the baker or the weaver.
It'll bring in reforms and will do the needful in the future too.
She would insist on being loved, and also try to transcend her small, needful self.
Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character.
And for such other needful things, the ox to spare his skin.
According to our resolution so is the rate of our progress, and much diligence is needful for him who would make good progress.
Let things stand as they are and give your time and efforts to furthering other more helpful and needful opportunities.
There was no stove, but the fire-place served all needful purposes.

Famous quotes containing the word needful

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