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They were completely convincing as to the urgency of the situation and the necessity of the surgery.
They should be motivated as much by interest as they are by necessity.
If you need more than 5 thats fine but its not a necessity.
The first challenge is that comparative effectiveness research, by necessity, focuses on broad populations of patients.
The age categories listed below are, of necessity, arbitrary.
The application is a result of necessity and curiosity.
Folks pushed into entrepreneurship because of a life change such as unemployment are often called "necessity" entrepreneurs.
Only necessity is the mother of invention.
Spending is far easier to justify for a necessity than for a luxury, whether on cash or credit.
Makes it a necessity.
Of course no film can take place in the absolute present because the medium is by necessity recorded.
Increasingly, scientists agree that it isn't physical need that makes animal smart, but social necessity.
Sponges evolved in shallow ocean basins, because the deeper seas did not yet contain oxygen, a necessity for almost all life.
But there was more than mere necessity at work here.
No matter where you are or what you're doing, fresh, clean water is always a necessity.
Necessity overrides instinct, curiosity triumphs over caution.
But scientists had speculated that gorillas had lost such skills out of lack of necessity, according to the study.
Alternative energy is also catching on in parts of the developing world where it's a necessity, not a choice.
By necessity, narratives are constructed from limited data.
Based on that information, imagine the absolute bare necessity of what you need to be successful and bring that.
As many executive posts in financial services do not make it to the newspapers, however, dealing with headhunters is a necessity.
At first, this open-door policy was a product of necessity.
It became generalized to mean any area into which any distinguishable group was restricted, by law or economic necessity.
Ingenuity is a necessity when resources are limited and customers have little money.
As high-paying manufacturing jobs disappear, college education becomes a necessity.
The distressed look has usurped the slick new look-out of choice, not necessity.
Where people are creating companies, they are doing so out of choice, not economic necessity.
As the private sector has grown, these public underwriters have found new roles for themselves, either by choice or necessity.
He has called it a war of necessity, but voters are turning against the campaign.
He defends the city as a human and social necessity.
And there will also come a time when the necessity to safeguard cash is not so all-consuming.
The problem begins with the emphasis on the necessity of college.
The recount is a practical necessity but has no basis in electoral law.
In no other country are automatic refrigerators considered a necessity instead of a luxury.
At breakfast, the caramel pecan roll is a necessity.
We were locavores by necessity and foodies without knowing it.
Precisely the same necessity arises in the daily-occurring cases of incorrigibly mischievous human beings.
In the printed page the word of mouth is the only feature which is of necessity entirely absent.
It relieved us of the necessity of going to a concert hall.
These habits were born more of necessity than pleasure.
Well possibly that shelter is a basic human necessity.
Starting from seed proved to be largely a matter of necessity.
Cultivating and maintaining starter was, historically, not a countercultural statement but a necessity.
We can interpret that as addiction, or as simple necessity.
But society has determined that such a risk is not worth taking given that artificial food additives are not a necessity.
The result was the necessity for the caterpillar stage of the butterfly life cycle.
He's right in that a system can take on a life of its own, beyond the necessity that should fuel it.
With legalization and regulation, there would be no more necessity for growers to use these areas for their remoteness.
It's not a luxury to make it grow faster, it's an absolute necessity.
These studies are good at demonstrating the necessity of a specific neural circuit, or brain region, to the normal state.
The heaters would remove the necessity of the stub-ins, which could then be capped.
It was made from the necessity to find laws of physics which are invariant under the choice of accelerating frames.
It's not included, but it's a necessity for storing video, so you can't go covert without it.
The cell phones became more of a luxury than any kind of necessity.
They're pretty much a necessity for water and snow sports.
Next year's venue will, by necessity, be much larger.
But it's a privilege that has become a virtual necessity.
The weather is perennially warm and dry, with heat waves in the summer making a trip to the beach or pool a veritable necessity.
Dynamic boards of directors and advisers are a critical necessity to a high-growth company.
But the debt limit increase isn't a desire, it's a necessity, lest the nation default on obligations made under both parties.
Many other graduate students are not guaranteed money from their departments, and grant writing is not a choice, but a necessity.
While for any given individual art is a luxury, for a civilization to endure, it's a necessity.
It points out the unspoken truth that being allowed to teach less is provided more as a perk than a necessity.
We need to find a way to make education, the necessity to our standing in the world, a top priority.
The necessity of two of the steps-attaining minimal college qualifications and actually applying to a college-is obvious.
While teaching experience is certainly a plus, it's not always a necessity.
That's because the necessity of a national search has always been presumed.
The first kind never uses them, whether by choice or necessity.
Ironically, as the cost of higher education increases along with it perceived necessity, the less real value it has.
They have rights and longstanding ties by necessity.
Sorting out the good mentors from the hapless or malicious is a matter of some nuance as well as necessity.
While this might be too late to affect the choice of an expensive college, that does not obviate the necessity of such training.
By necessity, they have to be concerned foremost with their own survival, carefully budgeting their time and minding their money.
Tact is a business necessity for a barber caught in the middle.
Developing an online course should not by necessity be exponentially more difficult than developing a traditional course.
The dough, perhaps by structural necessity, nears cardboard heavy.
It's a necessity determined by the entire idea of fashion.
They founded their art in the absurdity, and the necessity, of making formal decisions.
The necessity of having to be completely faithful to current events bored me, frankly.
There was urgency and necessity-there was no way around it.
Every technological advance starts as a miracle, becomes a necessity, and ends up as a vice.
They're also a people of many skills, out of necessity.
If anyone should be able to appreciate the necessity of a good promotional gimmick, it's the entertainment industry.
From the beginning of time, in all forms of society, humanity has re-posed its faith in the absolute necessity of conservatism.
It was an afterthought, a receptacle born out of necessity.
Most people committing crimes aren't bad people-they act out of necessity, for financial gain.
What is and isn't justified by military necessity is, naturally, open to interpretation.
Patience is a necessity rather than a virtue among planetary scientists.
Biodegradable plastic and packaging is a modern necessity for our ever-endangered environment.
The full understanding of time, of necessity, fully incorporates and involves instantaneity.
So my doctor sent in an appeal, using the cyst to demonstrate medical necessity.
And while molecular oxygen is is a necessity for animal life, a lot of life thrives without it.
And that necessity of fine-tuned intelligence in design may be why green-bearding is not more common.
Fact of the matter is that these people must, of necessity, focus on their primary job: getting elected.
At best this might be a shotgun marriage of convenience or necessity.
He also knew how to fly a helicopter, a necessity in a land with no roads.
Not only that but our technological arrogance is as much a necessity to us as air is to breath.
The necessity for such free will to leave a detectable signature in the distribution of results is indeed a strong constraint.
The ability to replicate the findings is considered a scientific necessity.
Such translations of bishops were not then allowed except in extraordinary cases of necessity.
The pure lesson-book-powder and no jam-was, of course, a necessity.
If there is anything good about nobility it is that it enforces the necessity of avoiding degeneracy.
The holy founder prescribed so strict a silence in his order, as to forbid any one to speak even by signs, without necessity.
The first was, the necessity of attending his father, and affording him the comfort of his presence.
It was expected in case of necessity to connect these forts by rifle-pits.
For you have done this thinking you should be freed from the necessity of giving an account of your life.
He reduced himself in everything to the strictest bounds of necessity: and he had only one coat for winter and summer.
Hence the necessity of our being ingrafted into him, as branches into a vine.
Woolman felt regret at the loss of the employment and at the necessity of giving offence.
The immediate pressure of necessity has brightened their intellects, enlarged their powers, and hardened their hearts.
The necessity of observing the unities of time and place arises from the supposed necessity of making the drama credible.
They're artifacts of a time when jam-making was a necessity, not a pleasure.
But a primary natural purpose does not of necessity exclude ancillary advantages.
It grew out of the necessity to discipline and morally justify a system of exploitation.
Yes, self-defense has become a necessity, though too often it does present itself as a radical program for social change.
Incarceration would be a last desperate necessity, not an easy first choice.
Yet the story is as much one of unintended consequences as it is of deliberate actions-let alone of historical necessity.
What is masked is change, and the necessity of change.
Common to both is the confident identification of necessity in the present course of events.
There are wars of choice, and there are wars of necessity.
But the new model is also being embraced by older workers and often out of financial necessity.
Yet despite its clear necessity and lots of investigation, scientists still don't know precisely what sleep is for.
He replied that he believed in the necessity of keeping his own sources secret and took great pains to do so.
The whole history of civilization is witness to the compelling necessity of this process.
Some people think that is a luxury, and other people think that it's a necessity.

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