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The weaker sound vibrations of air necessitate an ear-drum.
But then that would necessitate more than the usual navel gazing and some honest reflection for a change.
Our bamboo bathroom tissue, the world s first does not necessitate recycling because of how fast bamboo grows.
So the hand-operated coconut would necessitate the concurrent development of the ultrashort palm tree.
Bogus is actually a less derisive word that does not necessitate intent.
Migration does not necessitate ecological or environmental catastrophe, it can, but it does not have to occur.
Such an accomplishment would necessitate all the attributes and perspective of deity.
Unfortunately, the subsurface geology and geothermal reservoir dynamics still necessitate pumping heated fluids from depth.
It is my opinion that wealthy societies create situations where necessitate excess.
Certainly, welcome the new, but it does not necessitate regulating the old.
But again, the distributed extensive nature of the tortoise does not necessitate discreteness, it only necessitates distinctness.
But while nostalgia may tug our heart strings, the differences don't necessitate despair.
Everyone agreed it would necessitate a major rethinking of the human family tree.
Surging student enrollments necessitate funding for construction and renovation projects.
Security is one concern, since the way in which the paintings are exposed would necessitate an escorted system of viewing them.
It will require deep spending cuts, but may also necessitate somewhat higher taxes.
When categorized together, target revenues necessitate taxing the affluent at the same inflated rate as the filthy rich.
As long as the current group runs the country, corruption can only increase, which will necessitate more dollars coming in.
She almost allows each moment to necessitate her performance.
The fact that a springtime thunderstorm is coming through the area does not necessitate constant warnings.
It may necessitate sacrifices such as rescheduling appointments and missing work.

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