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Yet it is unlikely that the software cloud will end up as a vast nebula of thousands of specialised services.
Now researchers have caught one of these shining suns in the act of nebula formation.
Nebula isn't an absent-minded professor, he's an absent professor.
Some astronomers think that a gravitational or magnetic disturbance causes the nebula to collapse.
The nebula was chosen last year for observation in an online vote by students, teachers and amateur and professional astronomers.
And the heavier oxygen from a natural process that left more of the light isotope in the part of the nebula that made the sun.
These stars bombard everything around them with intense radiation, making the dust and gas in the nebula glow.
Note the beautiful sculpted shock wave at the left end of the jet as it plows into the dense material in the nebula itself.
For reasons still mysterious, the nebula coalesced, becoming rocky and lumpy.
The flood of light and wind from the stars sculpt the surrounding nebula into those odd shapes.
It's not uncommon for amateurs to see one drift by the nebula while viewing it.

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