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Example sentences for neatly

These crops don't fall neatly into a cool or warm season category.
The new self-coiling hoses won't tangle or kink, and they store neatly, but they aren't flawless.
She fills the bottoms with old nursery six-packs tucked into a plastic bag and neatly secured with a twist top.
Prepare the sandwiches on round rolls so they fit neatly into empty soup bowls.
The system had already been neatly laid out in books.
She lays them neatly into cartons to be sent to the packaging plant.
Each family's small lot is neatly marked off with rope.
The studio was immaculate, every paintbrush clean, every tube of paint neatly resting in its ordained place.
Heaps of debris have been neatly laid along both sides of the road.
He slid back the roll top, and ran a rapid eye over the neatly filed papers.
In a corner of the room was something neatly covered up with a large white cloth.
Her big pale face had a softly frightened look, and in her hand she carried her neatly kept breviary.
Obviously there are plenty of students who don't neatly fit into one of these two categories.
The intellectual boundaries of today's research may not map neatly onto disciplinary frameworks developed long ago.
Nor is all learning neatly defined by curricula, symposia, syllabi or textbook discipline.
Not every task can be neatly penciled into your agenda.
Animals that live in the ocean usually breathe with gills that are tucked neatly inside their bodies.
Features a zippered interior pocket and four exterior patch pockets to keep all of your small essentials neatly at hand.
More than a thousand years ago the corpses had been neatly laid to rest on wide wooden shelves, the researchers speculate.
After the de-fleshing process, the corpses had been neatly laid to rest on wide wooden shelves, the researchers speculate.
Her white hair is neatly styled, her complexion glows.
He keeps his salt-and-pepper hair neatly combed and, even out in the wild, manages a clean-shaven appearance every morning.
The sites themselves are neatly maintained, but the experience is vitiated by touts and illegal guides.
He paddled the rest of the way, neatly parrying the ice floes that guarded the island.
Everything, including my flight and hotel confirmations, was in one neatly-packaged location.
His robots have learned to perform flying acrobatics, tie surgical sutures, and neatly sort socks.
Sorry, not all science falls neatly into controlled double blind experiments.
It neatly explains the temperature problem within the existing theory.
We neatly dispose of the platform and think nothing of it.
It was immediately evident that the atoms of his model were not fitting together as neatly as they did in the alpha helix.
But he could look at my page of neatly written words or math problems and pick out which ones were wrong.
So far the known dinosaur remains that preserve relevant anatomy fit neatly with this suggestion.
However, a large number of fossils forms don't fall neatly into any of these four clusters.
Usually, the body repairs this kind of injury fairly neatly.
They never uniformly collapse neatly on themselves in non-planned situations.
We have books and articles and stories from centuries ago to the present day, all neatly available for our consumption.
The details of this story are accurate, but they are fitted together too neatly and are made to imply too much.
His shirt was tucked neatly into his trousers and buttoned up to his throat.
There were two green splotches neatly capping his white ducks.
Her shoulder-length brown hair had been brushed, her red lipstick neatly applied.
It is a model of the genre: two crisp pages, neatly typed, no oddball fonts.
Individual artists help make cities, but cities don't make their artists in quite so neatly reciprocal a way.
In three clay sculptures, he gaily models lumpy but neatly tailored suits of human skin.
Tilt is a mishmash of notebook accessories, shoved surprisingly neatly into a sleek plastic box.
The dainty pills insert neatly without closing off the outside world.
Designed to fit neatly into the shell of the flux chair, the flux cushion makes a comfy seat even comfier.
The best part is the rim around the pad which neatly contains a lot of extra buttons.
He's breathing softly, hands folded neatly in his lap, his head bowed as if in meditation.
With a little planning, you can strike the perfect balance and insure that everything needed fits neatly in your suitcase.
We're looking for candidates who have good communication skills, who interact with others and for people who are neatly groomed.
Bring the points of the triangle flaps together and neatly secure them with tape.
The restaurant has handcrafted furnishings, neatly set tables and a location overlooking a bustling downtown street.
Most seem unaware that yoga cannot be neatly separated into physical and spiritual dimensions.
The sauce, rich and yeasty with caramel overtones, has its sweetness neatly cut in half by subtle seasoning with hot pepper.
The buds are arranged neatly either in an alternate pattern or in a more regulated pattern opposite one another.
On the board he could neatly make sense of significant past events and carefully plan his future.
The texts were neatly handwritten, with fountain pens.
He was dressed poorly but neatly, out to make an impression.
When you are done rolling the piece, pick it up and fold it neatly to roll it again.
Empty hatchbacks and pickup trucks were neatly parked under his neighbors' spindly carports.
She talked for another two minutes, taking the subject out of logic and putting it neatly in politics, where she knew it belonged.
They must arrange the berries neatly in baskets to catch the shopper's eye.
Look to the physical aspect of your manuscript, and prepare your page so neatly that it shall allure instead of repelling.
It was done as neatly as a professed taxidermist would have done it.
The body was divided up neatly into organs and systems that each had well-defined tasks.
Computers, stacked neatly in cages, stretch out in long rows.
Their region lies neatly across the direct route, as the eagle flies, between the two countries.
It's a fair point-and would be neatly addressed by granting ordinary citizens legal aid to sue newspapers.
It has taken a century to pick the apples up and order them neatly again.
The myth dovetails neatly with current theories on the subject: such fineness, it's thought, must have been made with quills.
In this game players rotate falling shapes so that they slot neatly together instead of saving self-destructive furry animals.
The latest round of government pressure coincided neatly with a bribery scandal over the auction of mobile-phone spectrum.
Not all the lines of thought that support the book's main thrust are equally convincing, and they do not always cohere neatly.
Reality does not come to us in neatly labeled packages.
Once this formula is established, everything fits into it neatly.
The mistake here is dividing the world neatly into secular reason and religious unreason.
The history of society and the history of scientific invention do not fit neatly together.
But this neatly ignores the fact that this comparison provides the only internal check on consistency that the study allows.
It fits into both, to some extent, but into neither too neatly.
There are his polished shoes and his briefcase, standing neatly beside his chair.
Psycho is a half-movie which itself is divided neatly in two.
The table in the conference room held five stacks of files and papers, neatly arranged and yellow and crisp with age.
The city's gas mains and bullet trains are neatly programmed to cut off at the first whisper of seismic activity.
They found her jewelry lined up neatly on the kitchen table.
Orderliness even characterizes the cooking that he does so well and so neatly.
She folds her hands neatly on the table, looking pleased.
But the arrival of the one coincided neatly with the disappearance of the other.
Two stories, superficially unrelated, neatly tied together by a deep lesson at the end.
One in particular caught my eye-a car tire had halved it as neatly as a ripe watermelon.
But it is worth knowing whether a candidate has a mind open to intelligence that does not fit neatly into his preconceptions.
The octopuses were extracted from their tank, hauled into the kitchen for a few minutes, and then presented neatly cubed.
The tiny mammal constructs a series of neatly cleared trails between its regular feeding spots and memorizes their details.
Buckley says that this transition coincides neatly with the aftermath of the first drought.
Yet all their attempts to neatly sort humanity were bedeviled by the tremendous variation in our species.
The gases would sweep neatly past the streamlined projectile but smack into the blunt obturator.
They were neatly arranged in little groups that didn't disrupt the functioning of other cells.
Rarely, however, do brain lesions so neatly discriminate one cognitive function from another.
Neatly outlined dots, he found, could not be made by blowing a thin jet of charcoal onto the wall.
It takes all the elements and ties them in pretty neatly.
If you have facial hair try to keep it neatly groomed.
It comes neatly sectioned off into articles on different topics.
His hat kept it simple: a neat triangle, now neatly tied to treachery.
She was neatly dressed in blue jeans and a blue shirt.
Oh, and foodie views are so monolithic that one clearheaded writer can neatly swat them all down in a single essay.
The ears, translucent in the low rays of the morning sun, look as if someone had systematically and neatly flattened conch shells.
Their hair was neatly combed, and their clothes were freshly laundered.
If stocks are finally near the bottom, which is the emerging consensus, a lot of market truisms fall neatly into place.
The situation with student loans doesn't break down quite as neatly.
Follow the instructions and prepare these forms neatly, carefully, and completely.
Palm fronds of any length that are stacked neatly or bagged.
The tables produced are formatted to print neatly with one day per page.
Place neatly at curb or road side without obstructing traffic.
For optimum accuracy, please print neatly in capital letters and avoid contact with the edge of the box.
Heavy objects should be stored on lower shelves and materials stacked neatly.
All requests must be submitted in a neatly printed or typed format.
When filling out this form, type or print answers neatly in the area provided.
All items to be picked up should be piled neatly at the road edge.
All forms may be printed on plain paper, and the requested information completed by either typing or printing neatly.
Please print neatly and legibly, and answer all questions.
Bag or box small or loose bulky items, and stack boxes curbside as neatly as possible.
Please type or print the application neatly with dark-colored ink.
It helps if real estate agents are pleasant and dress neatly.
Add single or double sorter components that fit neatly onto the base and postal scale riser.

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