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Navigating the grid of city streets seems nightmarish.
And, of course, for mariners the stars provided some means of navigating at night.
But today the boomers, steeped in advertising from cradle to couch, are comfortable navigating a marketplace of limitless choice.
Navigating your living room box these ways is slick, if limited.
Practicing good medicine necessitates navigating a minefield of competing interests.
Navigating off the traditional route has previously produced positive results.
He felt lighthearted for the first time in days, and whistled as he steered around slower vehicles navigating the rainy road.
Intriguingly, the designers imagine users navigating this interface not as a three dimensional desktop so much as an actual place.
The latter approach is more robust, particularly when navigating unpredictable, complex environments.
Finding a purple tree house is small stuff compared with navigating a crowded street.
Experts at navigating the financial-aid maze, for-profits have capitalized on the fact that ex-military personnel are exceptions.
Navigating in a strange city at night is not the best way to end a hectic day.
Successfully navigating the promotion-and-tenure track also requires friends of all kinds.
All these firms are wedded to specific products, not deeper philosophies, and are having trouble navigating technological shifts.
Navigating this mishmash of regulations is no easy task.
It means keeping a close eye on the weather and navigating around windy areas.
Navigating the jealousy mine field is also dangerous.
Putting it another way, never underestimate your reliance on non-visual cues when navigating your environment.
One thing is for sure, kids these days are remarkably adept at navigating through electronic interfaces.
Banked ramps and complex crossings make navigating the museum not unlike weaving through a swirling motorway interchange.
He was in charge of navigating the submarine and firing the explosive weapon.
If you are sometimes confused when navigating the different marketing terms for organic and natural products you are not alone.
Whatever their method, great white sharks may be navigating dangerous waters.
Traveling alone-as with navigating an unfamiliar career or life path-presents us with a wide variety of vague fears.
Four-wheel drives or all-weather tires are also ideal for navigating slippery and snowy roads.
Navigating the treacherous waters of tablet computers can be harrowing.
Those were actually bearable after navigating the bewildering menus.
Shooting hoops after work, then navigating supermarket aisles grabbing stuff for dinner.
Obviously, indoor mapping is only useful when the building you're navigating is big enough to warrant it.
Navigating the corridors of money and power is simply what scientists have to do.
Can have trouble getting separation and navigating through traffic.
For any curious database seeker, well-intentioned or not, to get started it is as simple as navigating to this database of dorks.
Cruise sites are dense with information, so navigating them can take some searching.
Navigating through the valley can be a daunting task and can become dangerous if you do a lot of wine tasting.
Understanding the thoughts and feelings of other individuals is essential for navigating the social world.
The problem is one of navigating through it to worthy destinations.
Then you have to rely on the ancient human skill of navigating in three-dimensional space.
But fruit bats are sometimes accidentally faced with the challenge of navigating nocturnally while inebriated.
Some researchers have thus posited that the arachnids use only these strands when navigating their webs.
Ship traffic, seismic tests and sonar pings can make navigating the seas tricky for whales.
She would panic navigating the swarm of students in the hallways at school.
People who suffer injuries in this area have great difficulties navigating life's simplest landscapes.
The river was shallow and rocky, and our guides had a tough time navigating in the starless, moonless night.
It's great to be here today to talk about navigating uncharted territories.

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