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Example sentences for natured

Connor is also normally a good-natured guy who is good friends with everyone on the team.
They say she is a really good and sweet natured dog.
Such comparisons led to occasional good-natured clashes.
He said he thought that nature was basically amiable-good-natured.
They are good-natured, co-operative creatures, and they share their food readily.
Playing with words indeed, and a good-natured game of one snob openly trying to out-snob another.
Hungry for any contact with the outside world, a good-natured crowd soon formed, laughing and grabbing for the pamphlets.
There was a bit of booing, but the feel was overwhelmingly good-natured and calm.
Yet they were not an ill-natured lot, rather the reverse.
The contest is good-natured, but the feds who get caught are generally ones who don't mind getting caught.
The looks and stares, the good-natured ribbing, all about his wardrobe.
Though overweight, she possesses a sweet-natured prettiness that makes her violent mood swings all the more scary.
It's a fun, good-natured comedy that pushes some people's taste levels.
The tract shown at left is a wet-natured site that has been bedded.
Additional consideration may be needed if planting in wetland, riparian or other wet-natured sites.
She's one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, and one of the best-natured.
Member of level crew posing with a good-natured burro.
Anywhere is better than in this good natured but motley mob.
Many were enamored with the lodge's two dogs, while others screeched as the good-natured mastiffs lumbered up.
Sometimes the rivalry could be intense, although it was nearly always good-natured.
No-till implementation and success is more difficult on soils with high water tables or wet natured soils.
There were other good-natured exchanges between the former enemies.
Frankly, without their good-natured support the field trips could not have been planned or implemented.

Famous quotes containing the word natured

Kindness is not without its rocks ahead. People are apt to put it down to an easy temper and seldom recognize it as the ... more
[Mark Twain] is still the rough, awkward, good-natured boy who swore at the deck hands when he was three ye... more
In private life he was good-natured, chearful, social; inelegant in his manners, loose in his morals. He ha... more
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