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Yosemite has human history fully as fascinating as its natural history.
Because it doesn't make any difference to the natural history of the place.
The epidemiology and natural history of pressure ulcers in elderly nursing home residents.
His lamps, chairs and jewellery borrow heavily from natural history.
These counterintuitive results, the authors say, make sense in light of badgers' natural history.
Among these books there was no lack of older as well as contemporary works treating of natural history.
Whether you survived or not depended on the natural history of the disease itself.
It's a great book that combines biography, natural history, and intrepid on-the-ground reporting.
Most natural history museums don't have human evolution exhibits, and if they do, the bones are probably reproductions.
Say you had a natural history museum specimen in your hand, and you put a little tiny food fish in its mouth.
To experience the natural history of the area, apart from shady city parks, you will want to travel outside the vibrant city.
There is much that remains unknown about the natural history of this almost entirely extinct group of bears.
After working in advertising, he turned his skills to portraiture with an emphasis on natural history subjects.
Cool video and a fascinating bit of natural history.
She is less narrating a natural history programme as inviting you to meet a friend.
All the natural history required to understand consciousness is now readily available in evolutionary biology and psychology.
The prime majors are park management, natural history, forestry or outdoor recreation.

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