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Natural selection directs the course of evolutionary change.
Viruses have genes, can reproduce and are subject to the evolutionary pressures imposed by natural selection.
Evolution by artificial selection is likely to prove almost as wasteful as the kind by natural selection.
His theory of natural selection was based in part on what he observed in domesticated species.
Your study was the first to characterize patterns of genetic diversity and natural selection in the elephant.
Equally important, much if not all religious behavior could have arisen from evolution by natural selection.
And this is the sort of smartness that evolves from natural selection.
Scientists could not explain the appearance of those adaptations so critical to natural selection.
And yet, because of that great engine of natural selection-variation-every species is unique and each individual is unique, too.
Given such a molecule, natural selection can operate and complex life could then evolve.
Over one lifetime, such events are so rare as to escape the power of natural selection.
Some argue that humans adopted wolf pups and that natural selection favored those less aggressive and better at begging for food.
For years, scientists have argued about the concept of natural selection and evolution.
Most of us can envision natural selection tweaking a simple trait-making an animal furrier, for example, or its neck longer.
We can see how genetic traits changed through time and how natural selection happened in real populations.
Typically, damaging traits that serve no useful purpose are rapidly weeded out of a population by natural selection.
The study authors add that snake-scent application is likely a product of natural selection.
Whether or not that's the full story, there is plenty of other evidence that natural selection has been at work on the flagellum.
He speculates that dogs' understanding of human gestures may have evolved thanks to natural selection.
Large area and varied topography give scope for the processes of natural selection to produce diverse outcomes.
He seems to be addressing the fact that it's a mental state that has not been disposed of by natural selection.
But if the gene is conserved by natural selection, there must be some reason.
Over time, natural selection increased brain size in these early humans.
Whereas natural selection tends to weed out harmful mutations in genes and their related proteins, genetic drift does not.
Time and natural selection due to physical and environmental variation worked in concert with isolation to foster adaptations.
Until now, evolution has depended upon natural selection.
Natural selection, it appears, can spur the emergence of new species far faster than expected.
But scientists have not yet figured out whether cultural experience or natural selection explains such acts of kindness.
It is a commonly held view that evolution implies progress, even among those who believe in natural selection.
They emerged from myriad possible shapes through natural selection.
Why this behaviour might be favoured by natural selection, though, is a difficult question to answer.
But the fact is that natural selection will work with whatever material is to hand.
Each new brain develops by a process akin to natural selection.
Gene-spliced strains haven't gone through the same natural selection process as crossbred plants.
The weakness of old age, and a maximum term of life, are the compromises natural selection has engineered between the two.
Both economic rationalism and natural selection offer few explanations for such random acts of kindness.
It is truly exciting to be able to observe natural selection.
He thinks that finance evolves through natural selection.
No one should pretend that banking is an industry where pure natural selection takes place.
So, from a design point of view, natural selection has a delicate calibration problem to solve.
In other words, natural selection caused the average size of medium ground finch beaks to increase.
In fact, he suggests, the strong pressure applied by natural selection during the evolution of our species has all but vanished.
Females, but not males, have been undergoing natural selection for milk production for tens of millions of years.
Natural selection, we're told, is the process by which nature promotes our best qualities.
Because one given test is not dispositive of natural selection.
It holds that life is self-sustained chemical system capable of undergoing evolution by natural selection.
The fittest of them will thrive thanks to natural selection, while their peers stagnate.
As a result, natural selection should favor a different strategy for their genes.
It is also incorrect to say that natural selection explains the exaptation since they are accidental and essentially random.
After a few cycles of this artificial natural selection, the software evolves a new pattern that the robot can adopt.
Living for so long in this arrangement, certain ways of thinking may have been favored by natural selection.
As natural selection learned long ago, computational power without efficiency is an unsustainable strategy.
After all, it might make sense for natural selection to eliminate those genes and mutations responsible for physical decline.
Biology is driven by random mutations and natural selection.
So natural selection has brought on a tendency to expel them spontaneously as it were.
On the one hand, natural selection favored reasoning abilities and being able to calculate ends and decide on options.
The selfish gene metaphor changed our way of thinking about natural selection.
There's a natural selection that allows players and teams to find their ideal partners.
Evolution by natural selection is the only viable scientific explanation for the origin of species including ourselves.

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