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The country is rich in natural resources and self-sufficient in oil.
Sustainability asks us to focus on humanity's use of natural resources, and it puts climate at the center of discussion.
One hypothesis suggests scarce natural resources are the cause.
Renewable natural resources are those that, with proper care can be maintained or even increase.
Within our country are abundant natural resources, unrivaled technology, and unlimited human creativity.
They called him a traitor and a biopirate and convicted him of stealing the country's natural resources.
They do not have any natural resources for building.
Environmentalism can emerge only in a culture that realizes natural resources are limited.
Whether or not it has water, the moon definitely contains other natural resources that could prove beneficial to earthlings.
Not bad economic development for a place with no natural resources.
With limited natural resources of their own, they see this as one way to secure their energy supply.
There is a finite amount of oil and other natural resources that will eventually get used up.
To gather the accounts of natural resources, means of communication, and statistics the author made many journeys.
The state does in fact have an overabundance of natural resources and usually enjoys a robust economy.
It is a rising regional power that enjoys the benefit of immense geographical reach and huge natural resources.
We'll be protecting our natural resources and thus ensuring a better future for tomorrow.
People consume water, food, and other natural resources differently based on many factors.
And it will change everything: the exhaustion of the natural resources that are needed to keep industrial civilization running.
Nations need to manage their natural resources smartly.
If there were less people the natural resources would not need to provide for so many.
Climate disruption will only make this worse as financial and natural resources are expended to cope with it.
To be sure, the old battles for natural resources are still with us.
At the same time, problems such as global warming and rising prices for natural resources demand their attention.
If there is no trade between countries rich in natural resources and those poor in resources, no one will be better off.
Typical barriers to entry include patents, licensing agreements and exclusive access to natural resources.
Or they may find new ways to prosper from their natural resources.
After all, the world's rich countries were once poor, and they used their natural resources to help themselves grow.
Slower growth in the developed world and new technologies will ease the burden on natural resources.
Both economies are heavily dependent on natural resources.
It relies too heavily on investment and on swallowing natural resources and too little on consumer spending.
Toys are made, directly or indirectly, from natural resources.
Sustainable farming can produce high yields while protecting the natural resources upon which it depends.
Stewards take pride in this ownership and understand the cultural and natural resources that these lands offer.
For example, some cities have been built near gold mines or other natural resources.
Students learn how a growing demand for natural resources threatens habitats and wildlife.
Cars are complicated machines, requiring natural resources and high technology to manufacture.
Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generate power without depleting natural resources in the process.
But they get big write-offs when they help to drain the world's natural resources.
But soft drinks are inherently wasteful of natural resources.
The architects of realpolitik tried to balance powers, fabricate stability, and secure natural resources.
Most cabins with nearby lake access are also close to other natural resources and recreational activities.
Any story of our natural resources can be told with the right geologic map.
Further, advanced civilizations do not need natural resources because of technology.
With the loss of ice, the seabed's natural resources become potentially more obtainable and its bordering nations more interested.
We're tearing through a finite supply of natural resources.
We need to utilize everything in out power to reduce our dependence on foreign oil including using our own natural resources.
Wars over our depleted natural resources are already being waged.
People who got rich looting the public wealth and exhausting natural resources around the world.
Responsible for wildlife and natural resources management.
Information about the state's management of cultural and natural resources, both terrestrial and marine.
Learn about the natural resources in parks, from the rocks under our feet to the sky overhead and everything in between.
Program that strives conserve natural resources on private lands through planning and implementation.
Works with land users to conserve natural resources on private lands.
No one lives there, nor has there been any evidence that lucrative natural resources lie beneath its lagoons and reefs.

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