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Though the country is rich in natural gas, unemployment and homelessness are common.
Then he asked for some investment tips, perhaps something in natural gas.
But the low construction costs of natural gas plants makes it difficult for nuclear or renewables to compete with them.
Wage and price controls lasted nearly three years, and much longer for oil and natural gas.
That's a pretty high price projection, particular for a scenario where you're expecting a huge boost in natural gas supplies.
But that energy you're charging it with could come from a power plant burning natural gas.
Fuel cells are one of many advances that may increase the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel over the long term.
Natural gas becomes a more cost-efficient generating fuel, since it emits less sulfur.
Drilling for natural gas has gotten ahead of the science needed to prove it safe.
Methane leaks during production may offset climate benefits of natural gas.
Natural gas is a companion for renewables where coal and nuclear are not.
In addition, an increase in coal prices and a decrease in natural gas prices led to a switch from one source to the other.
Natural gas is now a excellent source for home heating.
In theory, that should lower the amount of natural gas and steam, and thus the emissions and price tag of the process.
And in the natural-name arena the one product that could probably win the sweepstakes without even trying is natural gas.
They will include not only a rail line but also pipelines that can carry oil, gasoline, or liquefied natural gas.
Synthetic diesel made from natural gas would be a step in the right direction.
Wind power is not going to completely replace coal or natural gas, but it will be part of the solution in the future.
The extraction of natural gas involves drilling underground and removing the gas with a pump.
Also a byproduct of decomposition, natural gas is mostly methane created as organic matter decays.
Currently, however, the high price of natural gas has oil companies swarming over the marshes looking for deep gas reservoirs.
Natural gas production, machinery manufacturing, and food processing are among the leading industries.
The material, he adds, works particularly well for water pipelines and low- to medium-pressure natural gas pipelines.
Natural gas may be coming to a filling station near you.
The article on soaring electric bills ignored the cost reduction in natural gas.
Wind power is taking on natural gas, which has risen in price in sympathy with oil.
Ever more growth in the use of natural gas is welcome for many reasons.
Natural gas is cooled to the point at which all other gases in the mixture have become liquid and only gaseous helium remains.
Generating electricity from natural gas is relatively clean.
They are strongly tied to the prices of natural gas and coal, which have both fallen too.
Rises in the price of natural gas and electricity have also pushed up costs for tortilla manufacturers.
It uses energy, primarily natural gas and natural gas derivatives, as a feedstock material to make a wide array of products.
But at times of high demand or low rainfall, hydropower needs topping up with thermal supplies, mostly natural gas.
The basic idea is to marry a high-temperature cooker with a power station that is fueled by natural gas.
If you live near enough natural gas, it seems, your water can become flammable.
What it does have, though, is natural gas-far under the sea in methane hydrate formations.
It's well-known that there are deposits of oil and natural gas up there, and of course the oil companies want access to them.
Furthermore, natural gas is abundant and readily available for use in many industries with minimal changes to technology.
In fact, they now consume more natural gas than they can produce.
It is collected in the same pockets where natural gas is found, tying helium prices and scarcity to fuel prices.
Securing natural gas reserves, means inflating the price in order to secure profit margins.
Economically recovering natural gas from shale deposits depends on advanced drilling techniques.
Oil, coal, and natural gas will still dominate-and will grow at a relatively robust rate over the next two decades.
Perhaps we'll turn more to natural gas to power the transportation sector.
When it's cloudy, and at night, the system relies on stored electricity and the natural gas fuel cell system.
They can run on hydrogen but also on natural gas, diesel, and other liquid fuels.
If it's successful, the technology could decrease the need to build natural gas plants to supply peak power demand.
There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas.
Natural gas is a domestically available, inherently clean-burning fuel.
Natural gas is stored on vehicles in two forms: compressed and liquefied.
Many federal and state incentives encourage use of natural gas as an alternative fuel.
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