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Using natural light and organic materials also blends the essence of the outdoors with the indoors.
If you are sometimes confused when navigating the different marketing terms for organic and natural products you are not alone.
Organic and natural remedies for sore throats are often packaged as sprays, lozenges or herbal teas.
One of the world's largest natural stone arches has been discovered in the central highlands of Afghanistan.
He clearly saw, however, the full force of the principle of natural selection.
Therein lies the paradox of the natural-gas powered car.
Volkswagen has been doing a lot with bio-sourced compressed natural gas lately.
Maps indicate areas of risk or occurrences of six natural hazards.
People looking for natural cures will be happy to know there is one.
Its natural oiliness means that it is rich in healthy omega-3 and that it will have a rich meatiness when cooked.
This quiet, handsome place is a natural choice for a family brunch on Easter or anytime.
My 7-year-old daughter also loves natural history.
It felt really natural.
It can take a long time to clean up from natural disasters.
Green diamonds are thought to form mostly because of natural radiation in the rocks where the diamonds are found.
Proponents have argued that the wolf was a keystone species whose presence would reinvigorate the natural order.
One hypothesis suggests scarce natural resources are the cause.
Synthetic diesel made from natural gas would be a step in the right direction.
So natural selection has brought on a tendency to expel them spontaneously as it were.
It will include courses addressing material and disciplines from across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
The social sciences are easier than the natural sciences, according to second graders.
On the one hand, natural selection favored reasoning abilities and being able to calculate ends and decide on options.
The selfish gene metaphor changed our way of thinking about natural selection.
Often literally: in places of natural beauty chosen for their capacity to inspire.
It is quite natural to seek professional help for what may well be the largest investment of their lives.
But there's always a question of how such model systems translate to the much broader natural scale.
It's natural to approach such an interview with some anxiety.
Natural turkeys have been minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients or coloring added.
Minimalist approach keeps focus on natural materials.
All the holiday glitter out there is fun, but don't overlook the magic in the natural materials around you.
The mantel is a natural spot for owls of all sizes to perch among manzanita branches.
The economic impact of natural disasters is often short-lived.
They emerged from myriad possible shapes through natural selection.
Ever more growth in the use of natural gas is welcome for many reasons.
People are comforted by the idea of a designed and harmonious natural world, with themselves at the top.
Because this clean fuel happens to be made from natural gas, the oil majors do not see it as a threat.
High levels of interest from these natural buyers are thought to be suppressing prices at the moment.
Natural gas may be coming to a filling station near you.
From seasonal produce to organically grown meats, eating natural foods is far from bland.
Natural hazards are the result of physical processes that affect humans every day.
Coloring your hair can enhance natural colors and highlights, conceal gray or change your hair color completely.
Our bodies produce a small but steady amount of natural morphine, a new study suggests.
Natural cleaners made of common kitchen ingredients are gentler on the skin and respiratory system.
Explore the world's oceans, from their prehistoric beginnings to modern-day efforts to preserve their natural wonder.
Drilling for natural gas has gotten ahead of the science needed to prove it safe.
Methane leaks during production may offset climate benefits of natural gas.
These brands are available at natural foods stores, directly from manufacturers, or from online vendors.
Tinkering is natural with something you make over and over, and my blueberry muffins haven't been immune to the process.
The zing of fresh lemon enhances both the peas' sweetness and the natural flavor of the spinach.
The chicken was also tender, its natural flavors accented by a delicate, caramelized barbecue sauce.
As the yeast ferments over a day or so, it creates a natural carbonation.
The goal instead is to release the chiles' natural flavor and aroma.
Maybe, in a fit of feverish freedom, they realize there's no actual reason not to invert the natural order of meals.
The meat itself is transformed-the natural oiliness is gone but the flavor has become even more intense.
Economically recovering natural gas from shale deposits depends on advanced drilling techniques.
In other words, he wanted to make its use feel natural to the user.
The life-saving potential in relief efforts after natural disasters is obvious, as it is in areas lacking pure water supplies.
The company will also install a natural-gas power cogeneration facility onsite to cut energy costs.
Oil, coal, and natural gas will still dominate-and will grow at a relatively robust rate over the next two decades.
They can run on hydrogen but also on natural gas, diesel, and other liquid fuels.
The basic idea is to marry a high-temperature cooker with a power station that is fueled by natural gas.
Females, but not males, have been undergoing natural selection for milk production for tens of millions of years.
Natural sources and sinks far exceed anthropogenic efforts.
Defining things is a natural impulse, but it often doesn't fit the natural world.
Any mutation that offered even a little protection against those pathogens had a chance to be favored by natural selection.
If you live near enough natural gas, it seems, your water can become flammable.
But the low construction costs of natural gas plants makes it difficult for nuclear or renewables to compete with them.
But many of the recipes have the kind of natural simplicity that always characterizes the best cooking.
Wander into your local natural food store, and you might find a packaged fruit snack with one ingredient: fruit.
Neither is informed by anything that would be recognizable as authentic theory in the natural sciences.
Natural disasters do not unfold according to a predictable order.
Briefly the companies were rivals for shelf space in co-ops and natural-foods stores.
First, the bird must be capable of natural reproduction.
Without the natural greenhouse effect, the planet would essentially be frozen.
While positive inducements can be valuable in creating a culture of good governance, accountability is the natural counterpoint.
He ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game, unwittingly suggesting that running back might be a more natural position.
Lockwood, who once told a reporter that she was ten years old when she wrote her first haiku, is a natural-born tweeter.
The natural thing for students everywhere is to learn their nation's history from their countrymen.
In the natural sciences it is common enough for the same discovery to come almost simultaneously from two independent sources.
His urge to describe his epic journey more than forty years after its end was a deeply natural one.
He concludes that the movement of population was not significant in comparison with natural increase.
In our own time the natural sciences and the social sciences have been supplying a bewildering variety of answers.
German authorities have flagged the level of the illegal cocaine alkaloid in the all-natural drink.
It's natural to think that living things must be the handiwork of a designer.
The night is a key moment for cellular regeneration as the skin's natural repair process begins.
He had a natural eye and an innate talent for capturing a moment and composing a picture.
His movements are sullen and lumbering, his face numbed by corpulence, his natural resting expression a look of confusion.
Imagine trying to remain calm and composed while working in the middle of a war zone, a natural disaster, or other crisis.
With her wide smile and natural curiosity, she would be a perfect hostess for her father.
He had no doubts at all about the value of his mission, and was the sort of natural soldier who makes the difference in any war.
What they didn't give her, though-what was natural to her-was her incredible zest to play at life's every possibility.
He is as natural a backslapper as anyone in contemporary politics.
Definitions for natural attenuation from several organizations.
Reduced damages caused by floods and other natural disasters.
Works with land users to conserve natural resources on private lands.

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