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Barring the agent herself, there was not a native-born individual in the court.
His fond landscapes flagrantly rhapsodize his native land.
The biggest threat to wildlife here is the introduction of non-native species.
Viruses have depleted the native populations of several continents.
Your english is good, but it is apparent you are not a native speaker.
He's a native of Plymouth.
Anonymity is your name, silence your native tongue.
The move frequently upsets the local ecosystem to such an extent that many native species become extinct.
English is not my native language.
Tigers and gazelles are not native to the same continents.
Your native bee-hunter predicates the distance of the tree by the time the bee occupies in making its first trip.
The first of these characters has struck every observer, native and foreign.
What to plant to attract native bees to your garden.
Gardeners here find inspiration in their region's native trees and shrubs.
Agaves are adapted to rocky, native soils and won't need amendments.
Voice-recognition features compare their pronunciation to that of native speakers.
By comparison, there was nothing native to typewriting that encouraged the replication of texts.
In contrast, potential for conflict with native groups is in rich supply.
More work must go into improving education and training so that native workers can move more easily into higher-skilled jobs.
Spotted knapweed is driving out native plants and destroying rangeland, costing ranchers millions.
When and why these people left their native land remains a mystery.
Instead, exotics such as garlic mustard can muscle in, taking up space and shading out native flowers and tree seedlings.
So did the introduction of non-native species that competed for resources with, and sometimes preyed on, indigenous birds.
Visitors can see a rescued fire tower on site, relax by the pond and see the native plants around the bog garden.
The newest addition to the list of non-native creepy crawlies is the hairy crazy ant.
Learning a new language can be rewarding, especially when you are able to make small talk with native speakers when you travel.
The two-day trips also include a walking tour of the local whaling village conducted by a native guide.
Exotic, non-native, and non-indigenous refer to species occurring outside their historical range.
When an organism exists naturally in a given ecosystem, it is considered a native species.
It aggressively defends nest cavities, possibly to the detriment of native species.
If they spoke their native languages, they were severely punished.
Past studies found that when the amphibians are removed from their native habitat, the toxicity of their skin slowly diminishes.
Now civic groups and native organizations are pushing governments and the courts to rein in oil development.
Get to know the native species, geographic location, and other intriguing facts about each environment.
Invasive species push aside native vegetation and reduce diversity of plant cover.
State governors fail to back a federal program to preserve and protect native prairie.
Invasive species are non-native species that disperse widely, rapidly, and at the expense of native species in an ecosystem.
But as he began to think more carefully, the distinction between native and nonnative species no longer made biological sense.
Researchers fear that reproductive populations could spread and eat native animals into extinction.
The experiment applies only native fungi to a rice variety, to avoid introducing foreign species.
Their size also allows them to outcompete native species for food.
The two species are larger than native white-clawed crayfish and are more prodigious hunters.
In a land where vegetation is already scarce, camels are competing with native fauna and livestock.
At the same time, they may prey on or compete with the native fish, or even infect them with their parasites and diseases.
There's a reason language students go to live in the homes of native speakers.
They live in heated homes and work office jobs but keep their native traditions alive by hunting food from the land.
Native intelligence and academic achievement do lift many poor students into college.
In our global economy, the ability to understand languages other than one's native tongue grows more important every day.
In animal models, these transplants appear to spur regeneration of cartilage that better resembles native tissue.
These variations were similar to those found in native algal species of temperate regions.
Losses were reported among four species of native bumblebee as well.
Concretely, many languages are going extinct today as the older generation of last native speakers is dying.
Some are playing at damage control, trying to train native predators to avoid the taste of toads.
The bottom-dwellers eat voraciously, starving the native fish and quickly outgrowing any natural predators.
But violent clashes account for only a fraction of the deaths suffered by native communities at the hands of outsiders.
It turned out he had a native gift, producing fragments of raw but vivid memoir.
They adopted the standard colonialist policy of using minorities or outsiders to help control native populations.
The nurseries listed here are some of the many nationwide that specialize in native plants.

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