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Today, the state is the base for the nation's large, nationally owned petroleum industry.
They were publicly and nationally welcomed and relieved.
The map below shows how it looks to the people who monitor droughts nationally.
The link of garden information to climate zone is important, but it can be a trap when information is extrapolated nationally.
The museum's minimalist aesthetic has been captured by many nationally recognized architectural photographers.
Instead, it features nationally recognized traveling exhibitions.
Today, the state is the base for the largest, nationally owned oil industry.
Then, during the next dozen years, births declined nationally.
Nationally, the variety of communities facing a wave of foreclosures is striking.
The value of technical innovation isn't nationally contingent.
Second, home prices may continue to decline nationally, but some markets will stabilize faster than others.
Nationally, shale-gas production has increased by a factor of twelve in the past ten years.
His wizardry in opening safes is legend among locksmith, locally and nationally.
The subsequent protests, and the police repression of them, have been broadcast nationally.
Aviation accidents make the news because they are rare and novel, ad in a lot of cases they are reported nationally.
Not long ago, a major public research university sought a new president to follow its revered and nationally known leader.
Our twenty-two member faculty has been locally and nationally recognized for their teaching and research.
The private nonprofit university is little known nationally, not selective, and depends on tuition.
They would know if there's anything done nationally.
Nationally, about one-third of college students will transfer at some point.
The roof top solar programs are small and only offered by individual utilities, not nationally.
Also the fallout from the attacks was not confined to their locations but was felt nationally.
Scientists must resist this nationally and internationally.
They manage the payment systems, nationally and internationally.
In the last ten years deliveries of fresh produce have fallen by a fifth nationally.
Of all these, only the chairman has become a nationally known figure.
Millions of dollars will be spent on the nationally-televised puffery of the afternoon.
Though the film never received a wide release, moviegoers nationally were still paying to see it seven months later.
It was tremendously important nationally, obviously.
The following year he launched his nationally syndicated column.
He began a strict ethics policy at the newspaper, which would be nationally praised.
Membership nationally is estimated at a thousand, and growing.
It was a bold but logical move for the head of a nationally applauded state agency.
Many squads are made up of serious athletes who compete nationally with their flips and leaps.
Nationally, the number of libraries reporting that they help patrons with e-government services has risen by almost half.
Nationally, one of the biggest challenges has been getting people's attention and educating skeptics about energy efficiency.
Nationally, energy production sucks more water from freshwater sources than any other sector except agriculture.
Similarly, there will be a demand for highly trained, skilled craftsmen and operators both nationally and worldwide.
And scientists have had a lot of impact nationally, either at the local school board level or the state school board level.
These multi-nationally owned, limited liability companies care only for getting the gas out of the ground quickly and cheaply.
Much of the financial sector has been campaigning heavily for climate change legislation, nationally and internationally.

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