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Current theories suggest that the nascent moon could not support the internal dynamo necessary to create a magnetic field.
When the original article was published, crowdsourcing still constituted a nascent business model.
It was cold and rainy, and there was only so much I was willing to sacrifice for a nascent crush.
The world needs to give this nascent activity a helping hand.
In a fledgling economy money supply is key, as demand is yet nascent.
Digital textbooks remain a nascent business and a tough market to enter.
Some elements are already there; others are nascent.
Additionally, her nascent advocacy for more stringent gun control laws collides with her husband's position.
The trend you identify should be nascent, a little ineffable, yet somehow undeniably part of the culture.
Thanks to a government-led concessions program, local residents may have a stake in the nascent tourism industry.
Burt founded the series after his early exposure to the nascent world of animal studies.
Workers will need to be retrained to staff these nascent industries, and community colleges can fulfill that role.
It is not uncommon to see guidebooks and maps spread out on the nascent eatery's outdoor tables.
Tens of thousands of years flash by in a few seconds as the churning gas clouds begin to coalesce into a nascent fireball.
Nye and the other panelists all praised this nascent solar sailing success as a open door to exploration.
As matter falls onto the nascent hole, it forms a flattened disk.
The possibilities and promise of the nascent science and art of flight seized the imaginations of inventors and public.
The same technology that allows for self-driving cars is driving this nascent revolution.
Their nascent, tech-fired rebellion has triggered a government backlash and captured the world's attention.
With a little push, these plants could serve as hubs for a nascent hydrogen-distribution network.
That's the only way to ensure the security of a nascent democracy in such a rough neighborhood.
Alongside those concerns is a nascent feeling that change is slowly coming.
At this year's show the subject of choice was the firm's nascent turnaround.
The probe could also dent hedge funds' nascent recovery by causing spooked investors to withdraw their money.
And it insisted that its work be kept secret for a long time so its nascent idea was not subject to nit-picking criticism.
The rich world's nascent recoveries are losing momentum even though joblessness remains worryingly high.
Epigenetic marks silence certain gene sequences and activate others so that nascent cells can differentiate.
Failure in the nascent field won't break the company.

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