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Leaves are alternate, linear or narrowly linear-lanceolate.
But these satellites focus narrowly and aren't useful for observing wide areas of terrain.
Three days later he reached safety, but infection set in and he narrowly avoided having his leg amputated.
They've fought three conventional wars and narrowly averted another earlier this year.
Danger lies on either side of narrowly-defined treatment guidelines and messy realities.
Nothing is sustainable in the long run if you focus narrowly.
Most people are not so narrowly focused in their own day-to-day lives.
It then narrowly missed the planet and was flung by the enormous amount of momentum deeper into the solar system.
Used especially to describe a leaf or petal base that is narrowly triangular.
The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not narrowly nationalistic.
His late remarkable conduct led me to regard his ways narrowly.
In two several towns he narrowly escaped being stoned for speaking against the gods of the country.
But here lest you be deceived, one thing you must look more narrowly upon.
By focusing narrowly on educating more professors, the field has relinquished its influence on civic life.
Second, the types of change strategies considered and used tended to be narrowly conceived.
At other times, such a rule may exist but is interpreted so narrowly as to subvert its original intent.
The bullet went through a chair and into a wall and narrowly missed several customers.
The app then uses all this data to create narrowly focused feeds that cater to your personal interests.
The makeover narrowly rescued the company from oblivion.
But the continuance, after his resignation, of one as non-executive chairman highlights how narrowly the shareholders' writ runs.
Having narrowly escaped inclusion in these efforts at regulation, credit-rating agencies have now been roped in.
Ford, which had mortgaged itself to the hilt three years earlier, only narrowly escaped the same fate.
Because both decisions were narrowly drawn, neither will settle the core issues involved.
Old-fashioned capitalists focus too narrowly on profits, he argues.
Under the old plans, you maximised your seats by drawing up districts which you would win narrowly.
Tells about a two day strike by the major league umpires and a players' strike that was narrowly averted.
The book isn't narrowly political and doesn't paint a portrait of the uprisings themselves.
The family takes a day trip, narrowly avoiding a collision in the car.
Not at all, according to a narrowly targeted audience survey conducted the night before previews officially began.
The authors wrote that the distinctive feature of the human faculty of language, narrowly defined, is recursion.
When the bad guy gets shot, he flips and falls off his horse, narrowly avoiding its hooves as it gallops over him.
In both cases the explanation was legalistic: narrowly true, but generally false.
Everyone expresses relief after narrowly avoiding what would have been a catastrophic brawl.
The other fights have never been called into question, nor should they be, narrowly speaking.
Weaponry almost certainly would emit far more detectable energy into space, though it may be more narrowly focused.
Yes, religion often neglects its duty in that it provides narrowly dogmatic sets of beliefs that veil our aspirations.
They create a bogus question and narrowly focus on it as if it actually has meaning.
We skeptics are so narrowly focused on what is wrong, and are justly upset by the lack of critical thinking so visible everywhere.
These goals can be, and historically have been, social as well as more narrowly academic.
All the books here reviewed are concerned pretty narrowly with the course of military events.
She narrowly escaped being bitten by a viper coiled in her sewing drawer.
Moreover, these relations are broadly cultural rather than narrowly social in nature.
It feels interactive and interrogative rather than narrowly investigative.
First, the tax code does not define charity narrowly.
Collapse of arms trade treaty talks narrowly averted.
She tends to write narrowly crafted rulings that focus on close application of the law.
Government tailored these early programs narrowly, targeting the oldest or poorest citizens.
While the second-wave emigres may be socially savvy, the enthusiasm they bring to bear on their businesses is narrowly focused.
The only exceptions are the narrowly defined religious employers.

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