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To show you as a narrow minded ideologue without independent thought, yes.
Each satellite has a small footprint, so its bandwidth can be used only in the narrow geographical area beneath it.
Narrow-minded nationalism leads to an ignorant, extremist, and violent world view.
Mongols were narrow-waisted and small-footed, with big heads.
It does have narrow surface features, but they're too small to be seen at this resolution.
It might be too narrow a topic for a full course, they said.
But the real problem with his broadside is that it is too narrow.
Grows in large tufts with flowers in narrow clusters on stiff stalks, flower stalks twice the height of the leaves.
In warm-climate-adapted populations, inhalations are not directed toward the narrow upper part of the nasal cavity for warming.
Thus this is a narrow look, but indeed science can only reveal matter in one narrow discovery at a time.
They simply wanted to replace the narrow concrete path with a patio.
Therefore, if you can narrow the possible answers down to three or fewer possible choices, odds say you should guess.
As a doctoral student, you're immersed in the knowledge of a narrow topic.
Unfortunately, a narrow agenda is politically tough to deliver.
Leaves are palmately compound, and each narrow leaflet is covered with silky hairs.
Once a leak occurs, he will narrow down the number of triplets that remain suspect.
Along the entire coastline and major ridges as well as across the peninsula's narrow neck, he set traps.
Refiners operate on narrow profit margins and often sell glycerin to subsidize production.
Perhaps the existing measures of intelligence are useful in such contexts, partly because they are as narrow as they are.
The government is turning to the private sector to narrow that gap.
The city's walled old center is woven with quiet, narrow lanes.
Its narrow opening holds up tall stems quite nicely.
With or without quotes to broaden or narrow down the search.
The campus is crisscrossed by alleys of badly cracked asphalt and narrow dirt paths among.
Annoyingly, economic growth does not seem to narrow the gap.
As the zigzags narrow to nothingness, an infinite number of them get squeezed in.
We headed out in a truck along narrow red dirt trails through thick scrub.
Also, look for reviews written by people with similar tastes that you trust to help narrow your options down.
Narrow the focus with windows for your favorite teams, leagues, or sports.
Lava ejected from those narrow chains of seafloor volcanoes produce the rocky underpinnings of all oceans.
Examination under a high-powered microscope revealed a trio of narrow grooves cut into the fragile wax.
The court could narrow the standard to the plaintiff simply perceiving an economic threat.
The slab of metal is mostly hollow, drilled out by machinists to leave an intricate triangular scaffold of narrow ribs.
The tragedy here is that narrow political interests block that public interest from translating to budgetary support.
One way to narrow the field is to look for evidence of these other bubbles.
Nevertheless, they are totally engaged with all the details of driving that meet the narrow limits of their total focus.
In a narrow sense, the first experiment was a success.
It also helps that the long, narrow engine looks great beneath the car's louvered aluminum hood.
Two generations ago a standard uniform identified engineers: white shirt, narrow tie, pocket protector and slide rule.
We humans have stereo-vision, and a relatively narrow field of view.
As a train traveled into a narrow tunnel it would create a sonic boom upon exiting.
Narrow floors maximize both window access and usable space.
Erect, narrow light green leaves form a neat, dense clump.
Its website is conspicuously minimalist, and its niches seem manageably narrow.
Old-fashioned favorites,with narrow gray-green leaves and profuse, erect spikes of fragrant flowers.
To avoid damaging the site's wetlands and other natural features, he designed challenging narrow fairways on many of the holes.
The physical space between rich and poor is already narrow.
Hunch uses your answers to narrow the field and ultimately suggests a decision.
His was no narrow historicism: he scorned the idea that the past was a guide to the future.
The stone stairways, decorated walls, and narrow windows of the houses reflect traditional architecture.
For many foods, such as fish and certain vegetables, the margin of error is quite narrow.
You're building narrow and high, so you need dense, structural material.
The roads are steep and narrow at places and motorists are advised to use caution.
He could simply mean something far more narrow and not so horrible.
Of course, much depends on how narrow you want a topic to be.
After our warm-up run in a gentle gully lined with aspens, the chopper picked up the group and flew us to a narrow ridge.
She climbed up the narrow winding staircase, and reached a little door.
Forcing silk proteins with the right additives through a narrow opening fuses the proteins into strands.
Until recently, the road was so terribly rutted and narrow that the trip took eleven hours.
To narrow down the best bets, it's wise to bear a few things in mind.
There are no arched ceilings and, instead of sky lights, each cell has a narrow window.
But if they are too large, they cannot fit into the narrow region that contains the downward flow and they get stuck near the top.
The effect is to narrow the range of wavelengths that can be bent by an optical shroud.
And gorilla was twirling round in the narrow cage, not finding enough room for itself.
Yen suggests that researchers can narrow their search for organic matter to below the planet's surface and within rocks.
The crew slips through a narrow horizontal slot on the side of the mine, crawling headfirst down a boulder-filled slope.
Neurons send messages to one another across narrow gaps called synapses.
Then the ship rounded a point, and a narrow inlet suddenly became visible.
Its centerpiece is a narrow pool of water punctuated by lotus-shaped fountains.
Today, heavily armed police stand at the favela's entrance, while others patrol its narrow alleys and steep steps.
Some delegates prefer to attend multidisciplinary conferences, others prefer a conference with a narrow focus.
The first justification influences the second, because the low value given to privacy is based upon a narrow view of the problem.
The reference to narrow scholarship that stays in libraries can hardly be generalized to broader cultural understanding.
All dissertation writers have to learn to narrow and clarify their topics and pace themselves.
Some good, broad thinkers have won it, and some rather narrow ones too.
But her housemates had taken it upon themselves to keep her on the straight and narrow.
Students: please consider all majors when you are freshmen and don't go in with a narrow mind-set.
There is, of course, nothing objectionable about scholars' engaging in extremely narrow and focused research.
Otherwise college is likely to be narrow and utilitarian.
If the arteries to the heart become narrow, blood flow to the heart can slow down or stop.
When the arteries that carry blood to your kidneys become narrow, less blood flows to the kidneys.
Only the interference of wave processes allows narrow picture.
The author of this article makes a good point when he reminds us how narrow our views are.
Imagine that there are two routes that take you to work: one a long wide freeway and the other a short, narrow bridge.
My comment was a narrow observation about scientific methodology in two cases.
The optical properties of obscurant can be tailored such that they develop transparency at narrow, tunable wavelengths.
The minute ducts connected with the alveoli are narrow and lined with flattened cells.
They began to walk along a narrow brick sidewalk between the cracks of which tall weeds grew.
The renal pelvis, wide above and narrow below where it joins the ureter, is partly outside the renal sinus.
The inferior border is narrow, and articulates with the xiphoid process.
In this case, the conundrum is how to keep your water from freezing in the narrow tube between your pack and the mouthpiece.
The river was narrow and shallow here with lots of broken water.
The crush thrives in isolated villages where narrow dirt roads are the only connection to the outside world.
Narrow rings indicate years of slow growth and meager water supply.
Slot canyons are comparatively short and unusually narrow canyons that can be several hundred feet deep.
With a deluge of ingredients available for the home baker, it can be overwhelming to have to narrow them down.
Professors in particular are drawn from a rather narrow segment of the population.
My experience, admittedly narrow, suggests that this is untrue.
Many minority candidates have had such narrow appeal that only a fluke will get them elected to higher office.
First, the focus on regulatory uncertainty seemed too narrow.
No amount of research has been able to narrow this gulf.
All three groups acknowledge that the reported energy behind the tea party movement doesn't have a particularly narrow focus.
As the recount progressed, the margin continued to narrow.
The buildings have smooth gray concrete façades, unadorned except for narrow slits for cell windows.
Where these arguments failed was in their unduly narrow view of how access to contraception can be secured.
The room is long and narrow, decorated in warm beiges, its walls and shelves lined with pictures and mementos.
Large ones, which can detect weak signals, have a narrow focus.
Narrow investigations can mutate into broad ones that cost tens of millions of dollars.
And the bus lanes would make already narrow roads even narrower.
For common names, narrow the search by adding a location, profession or interests.
Everything's in a pool, and the keywords you enter narrow it down.
It could fall to the tossup category if the race continues to narrow.
Limbs got in the way as they struggled through narrow tunnels.
It's a great job, but my scope of creativity is much more narrow.
Its approach is not narrow, but on the contrary, full of judicious insight and historical perspective.
Stern's work and her background have a narrow focus.
The bed was narrow, and in the dark he became even more aware of the heat from her back and her legs, especially her legs.
He entered the park, flanked by a cameraman and a bodyguard, and worked his way down the narrow path to its center.
The deeper effect of a narrow, partisan domestic agenda has been to polarize the country when unity was required.
He has slender shoulders, slight arms, and narrow hips.
He has blond hair and a trim build, with narrow hazel eyes that were framed by dark circles of fatigue.
The machines are scattered throughout old parts of the city, tucked into narrow alleyways.
For some people, the scope of such an inquiry might feel frustratingly narrow.
The polymers made so far can only absorb relatively narrow bands of light.
First, blood cells are separated from protein-rich serum, which travels down the narrow channels.
Traditional solar cells respond only to a narrow spectrum of sunlight, making them highly inefficient.
The effect works best over a narrow range of viewing angles, so it is ill suited to television or cinema screens.
Commercial machine vision systems are still usually focused on a narrow task.
The proponents of this bill are really afraid that their kids will see through their own narrow views.
But there is a narrow spectra that when emitted only causes confusion and disorientation of the crowd.
Intriguingly, the observed scaling exponent falls in a narrow range that maximizes the optimal complexity.
Its effects were limited to language-but within that narrow sphere, its effects were profound.
When stakes are high, the brain tends to narrow its focus.
We're focusing on something too narrow with global warming.
Fans were grumbling after narrow victories against weaker opponents.
It may pay to remove the wood trim carefully to see if the narrow cavity is insulated.

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