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The media has always had an interest in shaping the story of the campaign to produce an interesting horse-race narrative.
He told me a story to help me match my narrative to that of graduate school.
The way you do that, the story or narrative you tell, is your worldview.
Experts differ on precisely what story is being told here, but the frieze was quite clearly carved as a continuous narrative.
Let the people who really know the story drive the narrative.
Like his writing, his paintings convey poetry, intellect and powerful narrative.
It's astonishing how captivating the narrative is.
At the same time it is distinctly enjoyable as a personal narrative.
Allow students to deliver the personal narrative orally.
The narrative seemed to pour out in a nonstop burst of barely controlled fury.
This narrative retains incalculable value.
Stages also fit well into a chronological sequence where stories have set narrative patterns.
The effect is intensified by the matter-of-fact tone of the narrative.
Amelia's narrative adheres to the standard biopic formula.
The narrative lacks focus.
The broad narrative has become familiar and has endured despite challenges and modifications.
There was a kind of poetry to the storytelling in which the lives of other animals formed essential parts of the narrative.
Many attribute the public's disinterest to the painting's lack of narrative.
Our copy went on and on, often taking detours from the main narrative to explore esoteric and sometimes quite complex matters.
Managers need to think in terms of a firm's narrative.
Insofar as the narrative is key, this is a big upset.
It was a familiar narrative, this time played out at gruesomely high speed and chronicled remorselessly by the tabloids.
The day-in-the-life narrative makes a neat if occasionally forced vehicle for some choice gossip.
The resulting narrative can then be embedded into pages on other sites.
The memoirist's habit of stealing credit from others to burnish his crime-busting image has infected the narrative.
Over the next five months these tiny missives would morph into a complex, engrossing and even lyrical narrative.
Indeed, for every pared-down presentation pumped out by the electronic media, an engaging narrative can be found.
Narrative history often paints individual lives with too epic a sweep.
He is likely to make policies such as welfare reform and elected police commissioners a bigger part of the government's narrative.
It seems he will be putting fairness at the heart of his re-election narrative.
The alternative narrative-of nationalism used as a cynical distraction from lawlessness and graft-is buried.
The government's narrative may have been ridiculous, but in the absence of a counter-narrative, many believed it plausible.
The trouble is that the downbeat narrative is deeply ingrained.
The narrative mixes together video, telephone calls, and text messages to cook up a powerful brew.
There's a predictable narrative to a lot of discoveries in molecular biology.
Gather experiences from life and media to form the narrative.
Some of us go wild over a rich and textured narrative.
And doing so allows you to add another narrative element to your statement.
Depending on your course's goals, there are obviously the questions of narrative structure and journalistic methodology.
Big pieces of the narrative of what happens next vanish, though, because it's mostly written in secret.
It's easy to understand why, even at research universities, undergraduates tend to dominate our public narrative.
Reviewers may not take the time to thumb through your proposal narrative to confirm that the costs are justified.
The standards call for increasingly complex and diverse readings and a focus on logic, research, and narrative writing.
My career is a narrative of progress, hers one of decline.
Unable to construct a self-narrative, they may live comfortably in their bubble but have problems overcoming new challenges.
And he manages to apply a wide range of historical interpretations without interrupting the flow of his narrative.
He tries to get students to extract new lessons from the book's narrative.
The narrative of one's life can be told through the use of college and work id photos.
There's a significant selection bias here, to say nothing of the urge to write oneself into a heroic cultural narrative.
If you are inspired to invent backstories for any of them, make sure to specify the details about them that inform your narrative.
Logs require a letting-go of narrative because they do not allow for a knowledge of the ending.
The quickest way to that end is abusing the public's understanding of the physician narrative.
Compared to this taut narrative, the latter-day frame can hardly help but disappoint.
In the past his fiction has acceded to that urge for narrative tidiness, often at the expense of the truest realism.
Technical details, the pacing of character development, and the coherence of the narrative may be off.
Lost was the chance to build a unifying national narrative.
Much was said at the time about him controlling the narrative, the players sticking it to the owners.
You're able to sustain narrative momentum for hundreds of pages.
But the actual problem is not revealed in the textual details of the specific narrative under scrutiny.
The literal definition is a narrative experience that occurs during sleep.
The researchers speculate that narrative is inherently interesting, and spoilers may make stories easier to follow.
Dreams are vivid, sensorimotor hallucinations with a narrative structure.
They represent a narrative generated by the unconscious mind that can rather easily be manipulated.
She uses art and narrative to facilitate scientists sharing their stories, and creates comics about the research process.
There is a lot to look at, but each element adds into the same narrative.
The narrative becomes internalized and self propagating.
However he is posting in a running narrative which continues from his earlier posts.
The symmetry of private semantic narrative against public a-signifying topology.
He was a moralist who did not parade his moral, but who used it as the sustaining skeleton of his narrative.
Masterly as this narrative is, it is chilly and almost cruel.
It consists largely of narrative and character-sketch.
Most were too declarative, too forceful for this place in the narrative.
It explores such key genres of photography as panoramas, portraits, and creating a narrative in photographs.
Edgy narrative and brutally realistic scenes target today's readers and viewers.
The narrative is no longer a historical work, but a work of fiction.
It moves outside her, holding to the structure of her narrative without settling on a dramatic equivalent for her voice.
It's a vivid record of life at society's lower depths by a writer who's learning the art of narrative and descriptive prose.
Certain kinds of truths are convincing only in a narrative.
It would be wrong to call them stock characters-many blaze into the narrative as unique and compelling personalities.
However, some readers will feel they have a good case for breach of narrative promise.
The delight is in the humor and elegance of the language and narrative.
Narrative history of this sort has never been easy to write well.
The result is an unexpected, almost painful empathy, and a narrative suspense that moves in every direction at once.
But the reader is nonetheless advised to keep in mind the image of the perforated sheet in the narrative summary that follows.
Such divergences are to be expected: narrative pleasure is a notoriously personal matter.
Which isn't to say that his notions about family narrative were identical to theirs.
His films barely have enough narrative to sustain a lesser talent's two-reeler, let alone a feature.
Each side with its own narrative, its immutable litany of grievance, its outrage.
Narrative skills are the ability to describe things and events and tell stories.
The life of a fragrance depends on a good narrative.
Also launched a vogue for fractured-narrative that has become an art-movie cliché.
They recur with striking and mounting emphasis as the narrative shakes off its near-permanent hangover.
Rose's home movies probably have a more coherent narrative.
But don't let the predictability of that narrative dissuade you-these are some colorful characters with fascinating tales to tell.
After the script was refined, storyboards-visual images of the scenes-were pinned up to further narrative possibilities.
Sometimes in a narrative you have secondary characters who you want to revisit.
There's zero narrative, and the prisoner's facial expression never changes.
Admittedly, this stretches the historical narrative a bit in the service of making a point.
There's a coherent progressive narrative on the nation's economy.
The punch line undermines the suspension of disbelief that the joke's narrative presumes.
The good way is that it's incredibly rich in its bibliography, with fascinating facts strewn about the path of the narrative.
Not surprisingly, the motivations of scientists are much more diverse than the simple portrayals of narrative fiction.
But there's a problem with this narrative: the lightest populations in the world are not from the farthest north.
All these strands of evidence can be wound into a coherent narrative of a society's decline and fall.
It has a certain relentless monotony that would render any such narrative boring.
You'll also find that some of the bullet points will not naturally fit within that narrative.
Easy answers make some people feel safe, but real life does not generally permit them, and life is not a unified narrative.
The temporal point of view shifts gradually throughout the narrative.

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