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It would have helped if the narration had hinted at this mystery sooner.
In the film, the narration comes from the penguins' perspective-we're hearing their thoughts.
The footage is magnificent and the narration is clear and informative.
And when you load up a game and it displays the name of the area you're in, that also has narration over it.
They try to link whatever they find to the biblical narration.
His words are sometimes presented as narration or voice-overs, and sometimes as dialogue.
He started his camera and recorded a narration of his extraordinary attempt to walk out.
It was well-balanced as far as dialogue and narration go, and the storyline was engaging.
It is often considered that her existence was so dull as to defy narration.
If the narration was spread across a few people or there was a removed narrator-that didn't interest me at much.
It is intended to give a certain insight to a topic, which simple news narration cannot provide.
There is a narration at the beginning of the movie that specifically discusses terraforming, so you can't fault the movie that.
As the lights spiraled up, a narration explained the history of the planet.
The producers changed the narration to explicitly say that all of the contributors did not have the same views.
The narration is baldly self-conscious in its cleverness.
In the movie, you can't really do that without narration.
Reliable or unreliable as a narrator, he never provided narration.
Even rogue-books began to multiply the artifices of narration.
Even crazier than the symphony, it's a motley array of vocal and choral pieces, strung together by an orotund narration.
These works are not simply characterized either by the narration or the quantification of facts.
Their narration is a bit laconic at times, but their primary message is dire.
To the film's credit, the narration often ceased for the performance of complete musical sequences.
Sadly, things aren't so rosy with pre-recorded narration.
Holiday cruises and regular public lunch and dinner cruises, with music and tour narration, are offered.
Listen to the tour guide's narration and learn about the area's history and attractions.
Daily sightseeing cruises offer guided narration delivered by the vessel's captain.
Mobility-impaired seniors need not get off the shuttles because narration and wide windows provide a complete tourist experience.
The captain's narration includes historical facts and folklore about the river and its surrounding area.
Narration in several languages explains the history and sights you see from the window-filled cruise boats or the big sun decks.
Narration is provided by the captain, who throws some tall tales into his account of life on the river.
The narration will play automatically as you advance to each new slide.
The slides will advance automatically and you will hear the narration.

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