narrate in a sentence

Example sentences for narrate

The campers narrate the series, revealing their anecdotes and feelings.
Or to the seething anger that those stories narrate.
Also, it sports myriad manual controls, along with a microphone so you can narrate images as you shoot them.
Nothing can be more conclusive upon this point than the facts they narrate.
Make them part of a soundtrack they can narrate rather than the object of a photograph.
My father still likes to talk about the time he tried to narrate a company film.
Park rangers narrate four privately owned boat cruises.
Audience members can capitalize on the central idea of a meaning set in attempting to co-narrate and to comment.
Only a minority of participants did not narrate positive changes and remained distressed over their relationship to their parents.
These puppets narrate the videotaped scenes and give information about key concepts.
Choose subject matter and suitable form to express personal feelings and experiences or ideas, or to narrate stories or events.

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Myth is an attempt to narrate a whole human experience, of which the purpose is too deep, going too deep in... more
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