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Example sentences for namesake

The arachnids' namesake appendages are covered in hairs that are sensitive to chemical signals and vibrations, she noted.
But sometimes a gelatinous namesake can be a dubious honor.
Island, where you can pull in on a beach and treat yourself to the island's namesake ice cream bar.
Halfway isn't the first town to take on an unusual namesake in the hopes of generating economic and tourist buzz.
The fish makes its namesake call by vibrating special muscles against its swim bladder.
Because a namesake reaction or catalyst is a road to recognition in the field, the stakes are high.
Lollapalooza hasn't been living up to its namesake lately.
Bird researchers have long known that chickadees' namesake call comes in a variety of forms.
But this shower's namesake pattern of stars isn't found in any map of the heavens today.
She did not go into cycling to emulate her namesake.
Attacks on the namesake engender strong visceral reactions and calls to defend it at all costs.
Though they traveled nearby, the namesake explorers never visited the limestone caves-and neither did many other people.
It's synonymous with one thing: its namesake search engine, the business that started it all.
The dish is the movie's namesake, and needs to be so special it will impress the restaurant critic.
But don't let the land's namesake keep you from visiting this predominantly wet flatwoods expanse.
They may not receive as much attention as the refuge namesake, but your chances of seeing a number of them are much higher.
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