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Brainstorm some names of imaginary prehistoric creatures if they were discovered in your local area.
Brainstorm some names of imaginary prehistoric sea creatures if they were discovered in your local area.
Other product and company names are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.
And backyard beekeeping is so popular that local bee guilds have waiting lists hundreds of names long.
Jellyfish species have all kinds of offbeat common names: fried-egg jellies, cabbage heads, big reds.
Before long, she had made a name for herself-literally-taking the first two letters of her three given names.
Wow, my dictionary for all these names and terms is spinning my head.
They are mentioned in diaries and letters, their names appear on the pension roles, they attended the reunions.
The subjects then watched names of the items flash across a monitor.
The names of the dead are inscribed in the bronze that surrounds the pools.
Many more changed their names, clothing and other giveaway features of their ancestry to escape persecution.
Now it seems that some of the industry's biggest names have given up on themselves.
Around the city, a number of signs detailing long-forgotten street names have been erected.
Names can be individuals, but also online services, software applications or hardware devices.
The names of people and places also remain difficult for the machines to grasp.
If they do, it will continue a trend towards emphasising established brand names instead of new ones.
The names of their bosses are freely available, as is the nature of their work.
In the past two years the names of two hospital trusts have been seared into the public consciousness.
Many internal members are likely to withhold their names for self-protection.
No doubt the inclusion of a few banking names in the list will provoke some mixed reactions.
Most commerce secretaries cannot be forgotten because the public never learned their names in the first place.
Names are generally made up of two, and characters having a felicitous meaning are always selected.
The change is a reminder of how few animal names remain on cars.
Even prior to this, names were occasionally referenced.
After all, the ghosted columns had been appearing for years, presumably under the names of other faculty members.
Many foundations publish the names of their fellowship recipients.
We prefer that writers publish under their own names.
However, different norms do exist within different disciplines with respect to whose names appear as authors and in what order.
On the one hand, it's an opportunity for them to alienate the big names in the department.
They had a lot of advantages: brand names, highly skilled staff members, money in the bank.
But this week's discussions have made me rethink my intuition about names on social networks.
The protest movement is appropriating the names and logos of corporate-owned publications.
It's so common to see big names attached to a big animated blockbuster that audiences have begun to take it for granted.
Simply add their names at the bottom of your forum preferences screen, and their posts will be blocked.
The world is in the midst of the largest outbreak of new names in history.
He said all their names, where they were, what date and time it was.
We want to keep the names of the athletes under wraps for a variety of reasons.
Of course, easier access is granted to bigger names.
Meanwhile, other recognizable names in cancer treatment are expanding.
Subjects were given a memory test known as the false fame paradigm, in which they were asked to recite a list of unfamiliar names.
Let's see some charts, photos and the names of those making the official pronouncements.
The veterinary medicine prize was given for finding that cows that have names make more milk than those who remain anonymous.
Yet these populations had names for disorders that appeared strikingly similar to schizophrenia, alcoholism and psychopathy.
Generally, in this field, the writers are careful to give the names of the fonts being used for testing.
Sorry but but little game is over, along with you phony posts under other names.
It is time to quit calling each other names, quit with uncertain propaganda, and to start with the language of science.
It delights me to see your names in the comment box.
Calling me and my ilk by insulting names will not change my opinion.
Have them list the coordinates on one page and the place names on another page.
Tornadoes have different names depending on where they form.
Review students' knowledge of the continents by pointing to them on a wall map and having students call out their names.
Point to each of the countries as you say its name and ask students to repeat the names.
As far as more imaginative names are concerned, that will require more time and more data.
Each group should write the names of the two events at the top of the paper.
Then have students write the names of other organisms they would expect to find in this habitat on index cards.
Some spiral galaxies obtain even more interesting shapes that earn them descriptive names, such as sombrero galaxies.
Geography changes around the world everyday-and particularly the boundaries and place-names found on political maps.
Distinctive names are applied to different portions of the decidua.
When he comes into a house, he calls the servants by their names, and talks all the way upstairs to a visit.
But the poet names the thing because he sees it, or comes one step nearer to it than any other.
After you've tagged some photos with names, the algorithms look for and flag likely matches.
Another being there are millions of companies and many have products with similar or same names.
To protect voter privacy, it's never possible to link a specific ballot to a specific set of candidate names.
Geneticists spike some of their really wacky gene names.
She was also given the names and e-mail addresses of a dozen distant cousins.
His vision was normal, and he could easily put names to the faces of famous people shown to him.
Astronomical objects have a bewildering array of names.
Another helped users memorize the alphabet by placing the letters in a fixed sequence and giving them easy-to-remember names.
The joints about which nature turns are as they are, our own names and representations are a different thing altogether.
And finally, it was great to catch up with old friends and colleagues, to put some new faces to familiar names.
Too many deliberate misspellings of brand names to avoid the in-box filters-no one will know what you're selling.
Only a few thousand people used it regularly, but their names were conveniently printed in a single directory.
The dancers are given names in the program, but one wonders why, since none of them have what you would call a story.
Names weren't the only bit of himself that he had to change.
Most of them were character names, but there were a couple of names of animals.
The uniforms change, the names change, but the groups go on forever.
Some of jurisprudence's bold-faced names think it's a solid defense.
She obtained the jury sheet, which listed the names and neighborhoods of the jurors.
The longer you look the odder it seems that the color names don't match the colors over which they are stenciled.
At the time, sports teams at all levels were facing pressure to change such names.
Many common phrases and proper names were encoded by only two optical symbols, with a substantial gain in speed of transmission.
No names because they can be invented and cannot be checked.
The names have slid around into one another or have divided.
The names of the suspects had already been leaked to the press, thus hampering efforts to successfully prosecute them.
Into this dollar market last week went two noteworthy whiskey names.
Here is more information the history of naming tropical cyclones and retired names.

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