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In this case, there is a factual history to refer to, namely the tapes of the original interview.
Namely, livestock dogs for smaller animals such as goats, sheep and calves.
Observers noted that key evidence-namely, phone conversations between the subjects-was not taken into account.
The second argument is even more dubious, namely that the tax will crimp lending.
Namely the idea is that copying others work without attribution is an honorable cultural norm.
But one relation of heat-namely, that to mechanical work-had not been accurately investigated.
It's not looking down, it is the sincerest form of flattery-namely imitation.
However, because the algorithm relies on known inputs--namely the date--domains can be precomputed, aiding the defenders.
There seems to be a problem with large surface solar cell arrays, namely wind resistance of such flat structures.
There are ways to measure this, namely the price-to-book ratio.
They expect a return on their investment, namely that doctors prescribe their newest expensive pills.
Still, there were a few to address, namely the lack of turnovers.
The outlines of the missing ingredient, namely a common treasury, are beginning to emerge.
Namely, that the members of the market join the market based on their specialized knowledge of that market.
So neuroscience has given us the crucial starting point in understanding violence, namely that it is not a single thing.
Namely, in a universe with no expansion there would be no gravity and objects would not be attracted to each other.
Officials are less eager to draw attention to their preferred option for keeping the peace, namely beefing up security.
But there is another angle that needs to be explored, namely, that it takes two to generate an imbalance.
But the brain has other uses for insulin, namely as a means to learn and make new memories.
The new techniques have big downsides, namely high greenhouse-gas emissions.

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