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But it turned out that other explorers had already discovered and named the same species.
But imagine if an entire species were named for you.
These little rodents live in the scrub habitats of the desert they're named after.
If it falls behind in its protein-folding work, the organelle triggers what researchers have named the unfolded protein response.
The ship, alas, has been named after the aforementioned disco-era president.
In quantum computing, such superposed values are named qubits.
Named varieties, many of them magnificent in bouquets, number in the tens of thousands.
Such fertilizers are named according to the plant they're intended to nourish.
So named because its finely divided leaves resemble a bird's foot.
Long-term yearly averages are nine or ten named storms, six hurricanes, and two intense hurricanes per year.
He has already been named among the notable preachers.
She practiced all spring, and the next fall she was named to the varsity team, which went to the final four our senior year.
Probably you can't remember too many war heroes, but you do know which airports are named after people.
The excitement continues for the scientists who toiled to synthesize the new element, as they wait to hear what it will be named.
In fact, species can be named for all sorts of odd reasons.
Nearly all those named so far have been matched with dental records and fingerprint examinations.
Brown dwarfs are poorly named: they're not really brown.
And he picked up on it after the election and named me as the first director.

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