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Ok, you don't need a hammer to drive a nail, but it certainly is much smoother if you do have a hammer.
But it also meant a nail-biting journey in the car with my father, for whom driving was sport.
As they say, if a hammer is your only tool, the solution to every problem is a nail.
Put another nail in the coffin of our country's economy and add another few hundred people to the unemployment lines.
She had to fight tooth and nail to get the opportunity.
They are plastic caps that get glued on over the nail, so no declawing surgery, and they stay on for about a month.
He should be immediately sent packing out to the state that he sneers at to do a little of the nail-pounding he sneers at.
He who buys a house gets many a plank and nail for nothing.
The carpenter holds the hammer in one hand, the nail in the other, and they do their work equally well.
Then one of them caught sight of the wisp of cloth on the nail, and cried out to the other.
Every nail means a night's weaving, every plank a year's dry bread.
Place a nail puller around the head of the nail, or slide the tines on the back end of the hammer under the head of the nail.
The nylon-composite beak is only a temporary fix, designed to nail down precise measurements.
Nail the stringers together to form a box that is six stringers high.
His victory wasn't without a few nail-biting moments.
But snapping the perfect shot of the jaw shattering bone is a nail-biting trial-and-error process.
Punch six more holes around the rim with a hammer and nail, spacing them evenly.
If the nail falls off completely, it will eventually grow back, although it might be deformed.
Once you nail that down you'll be stoked with the performance.
Gulf employers have got accustomed to using cheap labour and they are ready to fight tooth and nail to keep it.
Get everything right and sales rise all round, from the magazine to the lipstick and the nail-varnish.
Some are asking whether this is the first nail in the dollar's coffin.
The second to last nail in the coffin is that you have raised your import barriers so that they can't access your markets.
To help the nail grow over the skin, gently place a small amount of cotton under the tip of the toenail.
For calluses, corns and nail problems, podiatrists are the specialists.
But to educators, it's one of the bigger nail-biters on the calendar.
Use fine-grit sandpaper or a nail file to remove any flocking around the leak.
Pharmaceutical companies will fight this tooth and nail.
The market is a useful tool, but don't let this hammer in your hand make you think everything in the world is a nail.
To those whose favorite tool is a hammer, every problem appears to be a nail.
However, this interpretation does not a nail in the coffin make.
It amazes me how some people will fight tooth-n-nail to avoid change that will improve their environment and overall health.
They are fighting tooth and nail to delay that day often with the silliest of arguments.
They've been able to nail down the problem that thousands of scientists, researchers and doctors have been working on for decades.
The market has changed, but the major players are fighting tooth and nail to keep going the way things have been.
In addition to that my blood pressure has gone down and my hair and nail have improved.
Officials worried that the fires could have put the final nail in the coffin for the endangered trees.
My comment was rhetorical to illuminate the scientific difficulty to nail it all down absolutely.
Sometimes a nail is ruined even before you get home from the salon.
If the nail does grow inward, do not cut the nail corner at an angle.
Use a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than the nail.
It's small enough to fit in a handbag, has a pink case and comes with a stylus to protect delicate nail jobs.
They impede traffic, clog roads, cause pile-ups and occasionally nail pedestrians.
It was crammed with booty: a pair of oxidized bronze sconces, some antique iron nail pullers, a laser printer.
The room smelled of new calfskin lug- gage and nail-lacquer remover.
Maybe a writer will nail the tone on her second try.
And if it ever was, two new biographies provide enough information to nail her.
Someone had lowered a string and hook from the small window above the nail.
The key is to pick nail polishes that are water-based.
He called evil by its name and fought it tooth and nail.
There's time-lapse photography, footage shot on infrared film and some nail-biting moments that are milked for melodrama.
So the race is back on to nail this problem once and for all.
Unbroken twine means it is possible to travel from any nail to any other nail via twine and intermediary nails.
And every now and then, a student would resoundingly nail it.
Apple's restrictive device policies will be the final nail in their coffin.
Nail guns are widely used on many construction jobs-especially in residential construction.
Regular nail-clipping can also keep cats' claws from doing excessive damage.
Early in their careers, the duo spent seven years writing software that would let them nail down the wobble with accuracy.
If he gets the right ratio there as well, that would be another big nail.
It is a little anxiety-provoking, but the results will be mind-blowing, so the nail-biting should be worth it.
Get two two- or three-inch nails, wrap one strand of wire around each nail, and stick the nails into the pickle.
Your second half of your post hits the nail on the head though.
What is life is a question that again is circular and difficult to nail down.
The rest of the post is extremely interesting, but the quote above hits the nail right on the head.
It will take time to nail down whether or not any of these signals are dark matter at all, let alone what type.
The nail in the coffin were number counts, showing evolution of extragalactic sources.
Follow-up observations will nail down the asteroid's path better.
It didn't take me more than a few seconds to nail it down: this galaxy is big.
Of course, the insurance sector biggies are going to fight tooth and nail against those propositions.
But if you gave gramps a nail and a hammer he could build a house and all the furniture inside of it.

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